A criticism with an unpleasant aftertaste

Regarding the article "oldburg mayor criticizes incumbent" in the issue of 25. February: the accusations of old burgermeister siegfried haderlein against his successor norbert grabner made me wonder a lot. In my opinion, these accusations should not be left unanswered and require a response.

The incumbent mayor norbert grabner has been in office for just under 24 years. Over the entire period, there has been neither public criticism nor objections from his predecessor, who has now been living at starnberg lake for years. Here some questions arise for me:

Why did siegfried haderlein choose the time of his criticism shortly before the municipal elections??

Is it due to the resignation of the incumbent mayor norbert grabner from the spd and the change to the uwg, for which he is running as mayor??

Is it not possible to assume here that the intention is to win votes for one’s own party and its candidate for mayor by influencing the election in this way??

For me, the oldburg mayor’s actions have a stale aftertaste.

The burghers are fed up with paternalism and electoral influence of any kind. It is not surprising that society is becoming increasingly disenchanted with politics.

I hope and wish that the parties and electoral communities will treat each other fairly in the weeks leading up to the election and not continue to try to abuse letters to the editor or articles of this kind as an election advertising platform. Uta-regine topp market roof

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