A rock turns 90

A rock turns 90

"You have had to experience many strokes of fate", said city councilor johanna thomack on thursday, when herta hoffmann celebrated her 90th birthday in the ernst-faber-haus. Birthday celebrated. "But you always kept your sense of humor." the city councilwoman had appeared on behalf of mayor norbert tessmer as the bearer of the city's congratulations. But the birthday afternoon was by no means official: the city councilwoman and herta hoffmann have known each other for many years.

Hoffmann is virtually a cornerstone of the awo multigenerational house and the meeting place at the burglassschlosschen. She has been part of the team there since the opening in 1993. She has been involved in many activities since then. And she continues to volunteer, albeit in a somewhat reduced form. "This is a matter of the heart!" herta hoffmann, nee adamek, arrived on 6. Born in december 1928 as the second daughter of hans and anna adamek in kreuzburg, upper silesia. Her parents ran a men's clothing store in kreuzburg.

When the soviet army had already advanced as far as breslau, the family fled to brunn in the czech republic. There hoffmann stayed until the end of the war. Then the family left for the west with the remaining german soldiers. In strakonitz, on the bavarian-czech border, the birthday boy and his aunt spent three weeks outdoors.

Then the family returned to kreuzburg. "We trekked up to 25 kilometers a day for a week until we finally arrived in kreuzburg", she remembers. The family left for the west again at short notice. They came to warburg in westphalia.

Hoffmann attended a commercial school. Then it was off to solingen. There she met her future husband otto hoffmann from coburg. The couple married in 1952. In 1958, her severely disabled son peter was born and died in 1983. Herta hoffmann worked in coburg as an administrator at the diaconal social center. Another stroke of fate was the serious illness of her husband otto in 2002. "I cared for him at home with the help of outpatient services until his death in 2010."

Since 2012, herta hoffmann has lived in the ernst-faber-haus. She is a member of the home's advisory board. Deacon matthias ernst and his deputy in the home's management, alexandra otto, conveyed the home's congratulatory wishes. Jutta weigand, once head of the meeting place at the burglassschloschen, joined the crowd of congratulators.

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