A teacher looks back

When a teacher performs a cabaret about everyday life at school, who likes to listen?? Naturally his fellow sufferers, the teachers. The audience at the performance of the retired cabaret artist and teacher han's klaffl on wednesday evening at the habfurt cultural office live in the stadthalle was also referred to as the "teachers' college" can denote. But whether teachers or not, the visitors were able to laugh heartily for once that evening.

Caricature of the school types

For what did klaffl have to say in his "frontal teaching"? So humorous, but also cynical, so lively and incomparable, probably knows everyone who once printed the school desk or has stood in front of a school class. Gisela schott, the principal of habfurt elementary school, was particularly enthusiastic about the caricature of the different types of schoolchildren in the elementary, middle and high schools and praised it as "brilliant. This is how han's klaffl had re-enacted a lesson in the lower school, in which the students pestered the teacher with countless and impossible questions, but also with some actions, until the gong ended the actual start of the lesson early. "This is called exhaustive treatment of the subject matter and the teaching body", the cabaret artist remarked with a smile.

The "species-appropriate husbandry he described the problem of middle school students as one of the main factors determining what happens there, namely the adolescents' puberty. In the meantime, he mocked the fact that the number of highly gifted students is increasing: "not only the number of students, even if you don't notice it in class, but also the number of parents." he has found that in high school pubertalism and giftedness decrease again. "One becomes lethargy, the other turns into dementia", he brought it to the point.

Now, as a retired teacher, he can of course criticize the 17 years of g8 reforms, including the flexi year and the return to g9, to his heart's content, both angrily and with pleasure: "compared to the chaos of the introduction of the g8, everything is going according to plan at the berlin airport", he stated. And he continues: "i'm curious to see what will happen with the g9 and the possibility of graduating from high school in eight years. This is one of the rare moments when i am glad to be retired", he emphasized.

Stormy applause

After a good two hour program, during which the audience laughed their heads off, after a funny, critical and also a little melancholic look back at more than 40 years of teaching, han's klaffl concluded in his last song: "i'm doing fine"!" at the end there was once again a storm of applause.

By the way, han's klaffl explained the spelling of his first name as follows: "the so-called depp apostrophe is a very good example of language development: before the 1996 spelling reform, it was banned, but since then it has been allowed. But because experience has shown that everything that was first forbidden, but then permitted, becomes compulsory in the next step, i'm hurrying ahead of this development." 

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