At the fire department training in baumgarten, the youth also stood their ground

At the fire department training in baumgarten, the youth also stood their ground

It is 18.8 p.M. On a wednesday evening, when the fire department siren sounds in tranquil baumgarten. Less than five minutes later, the fire truck from lehenthal can be heard — and after ten minutes, it’s "water on the march"!"

It is fire department action week in the kulmbach region, and the fire departments from baumgarten, lehenthal and grafendobrach also took part in the exercises. "We were on site very quickly, but you also have to take into account that it was an expert operation, says yves wachter, press spokesman for the fire departments. Normally it would probably take five minutes longer.

32 firefighters participated

In baumgarten, the 32 firefighters had to extinguish a fictitious barn fire that could spread to the nearby forest. Hoses are laid out and connected to each other, and two portable pump trailers are used, which are brought to their place of deployment by tractor. "These tags are well suited for agricultural use", explains yves wachter. "They can also be used to draw water from streams or ponds, they are not tied to a hydrant."

The squad’s hand grips are spot on, and even the younger members of the squad are involved and challenged. 17-year-old max weigel, together with nick walke (14), directs a water hose onto the perimeter of the barn to prevent the fire from spreading. Max joined the fire brigade when he was 15, and his father is also a member. His buddy nick has also been in the fire department for two years, following in the footsteps of his dad and grandpa. "Luckily we haven’t experienced a real fire yet", they say. Their commitment to the fire department is inspiring, the team spirit is great. "And with one or two meetings a month, we don’t have to sacrifice a lot of free time."

The pressure is quite rough — in the hose

Twelve-year-old tony michel is a little younger, standing at a somewhat smaller hose with his godfather matthias michel. The pressure is quite rough, but tony has everything under control. "I think it’s cool and important to be in the fire department," says the young man, says the young man.

Of course, girls and women are also welcome, the times when the fire department was only a male domain are fortunately over. "Some fire departments offer a children’s fire department from six years, from twelve years the youth work starts, where the young people are slowly guided."

From 16, they are then trained for the mission, in which they are allowed to act on their own responsibility from 18 onwards. Currently, the fire departments of lehenthal, baumgarten and grafendobrach have a total of just under 60 active members.

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