«Bavarian» in bamberg

For around two decades, the minigolf center in bamberg’s jahnpark has also been the venue for national major events in addition to the seasonal league play days. During this period, in addition to national league matches and the annual funsports cup, bavarian and bavarian championships were held at irregular intervals. German championships held. This year, too, the bavarian title fight was awarded to regnitz. Thus the responsible persons of the mgc bamberg and the minigolf friends of the 31. May to 2. June once again a rough tournament in the house.

Over 100 players at the start

for this competition, more than 100 qualified players have already announced their coming in advance. In addition to players from the state leagues and the bavarian league, there will also be a number of "top-class" players from the 3. Bzw. 2. I started in the first league. Among them are the two ex-bambergers yannick muller and ole riewe, who have been playing for the omgc ingolstadt and the omgc in germany since this season. The tg hochberg are active. They were among the top favorites for the bavarian title in the youth category, especially since they compete on their home tracks.
In the male senior competition, robert elst from the mgc has to deal with extremely strong competition. A place among the top eight would be a huge success. This is also true for sabine simone schuler, who wanted to reach the final in the female senior i competition.

On eternit and felt

in the preliminary round, four combined rounds will be played on the first two days of the tournament, alternating between felt and eternit. These mean at the same time the end of team competitions.
In the final round, two combined rounds will be held for the first 50 percent of the starters in each category, with a minimum of three players. Wosch

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