«Jugend musiziert»: soft tones and rough feelings

Jonas manke’s fingers dance over the silver valves of the clarinet. Let fast, lively tones give way to the opening of the instrument and reverberate through the concert hall. Lea giebler’s fingers also dance. Not about silver, but about black and white keys. She accompanies jonas on the piano. Together they are a well-rehearsed duo, which is why they have qualified for the...


Police peacefully break up banned blockupy demonstration

On wednesday, a large number of officers led or carried about 340 activists of the occupy movement out of the tent camp that activists had set up in front of the ecb building more than half a year ago. The action was largely peaceful. There were isolated scuffles. The police arrested about a dozen people for spraying police officers with paint. A music demonstration in frankfurt’s city...


Colorful, bright, music and a good atmosphere

The second bad kissingen holi festival was also well received by the visitors. On father’s day — despite the rainy weather — hundreds of mostly young people flocked to the former barracks grounds to celebrate and throw colored bags at each other. All the paint bags fly up every hour.It was a color rain of a special kind: fine, colorful powder dust trickled down on the...


Stadtsteinach celebrates three days long

First up were the free voters, on the big festival weekend in stadtsteinach: the member of the state parliament hubert aiwanger was buried with applause. He also took care of the "dog bone about which the people of kulmbach and wunsiedl got excited together. This is a "csu thing, he said. "Maybe when we are in government we will be able to save something." district...