Children discover the world of energy

Only those who understand the origin and meaning of energy can also use resources responsibly and protect the environment. With the support of the environmental clown ines hansen, bayernwerk wanted to introduce children to a conscious approach to energy at an early age.
Experiential education units are currently being offered at 20 bavarian elementary schools. Such took place these days in pfarrweisach and maroldsweisach. Graduate engineer christian ziegler as municipal customer advisor of the energy supplier bayernwerk and mayor wolfram thein were able to get an idea of how the idea can be implemented, for example, in maroldsweisach.
Ines hansen did an excellent job of responding to the children, keeping their interest alive at all times, and adding the right touch to the lesson with witty ideas. The third- and fourth-graders willingly accepted the environmental clown’s challenge, and it was probably only at the end of each session that they realized they had learned something new and had been given the opportunity to share it.
In various play activities, the children experienced that electricity has a lot to do with movement and does not simply come out of the socket. The world of energy is changing from the ground up, they learned.

Renewable energies

keyword energy turnaround: more and more electricity will and must be generated from renewable energies such as wind power, solar energy, biomass and water.
"Electricity is an exciting thing. With this project, we want to sensitize and inspire children from an early age to the issues of energy, the environment and sustainability.", said christian ziegler "but the safe and responsible use of electricity and natural resources also plays an important role."
At the end of the double lesson, the children had managed to find the "treasure" and so each boy and girl was then able to receive a colorful "environmental clown energy-saving program reminder stone take home.

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