Christkindlesmarkt: when dreams come true — a visit to the nurnberger christkind

Rebecca ammon is not yet 18 years old — and can already put a hook behind her big dream. She has recently been allowed to call herself "nurnberger christkind. Her life and that of her family is now upside down. But rebecca takes the media hype around her person calmly. "I find it almost worse to give a lecture than to talk to the press", says the schoolmarm in her house in southwestern nurnberg, which is already decorated for christmas.

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She doesn't really know why that is, she adds — and laughs.

One thing rebecca knew for sure as a child: she wanted to be a christkind — absolutely. "When i saw the christ child as a child, i always had a glow on my face and felt great", she tells. She then imagined that many other people had the same feeling. The christ child is something special for her, a figure "that you don't see every day."

Rebecca remembers that she was always nagging her family about her wish. Father ronald ammon admits that he didn't take his daughter's dream very seriously. When they are little, children always like to tell what they want to be when they grow up, says their father. "You don't give so much to it yet." the more proud he is that it actually worked out. "It's definitely aubergine", says ammon about the daughter's new role. "You get to know a lot of people, make contacts, talk to the whole world." this is an opportunity that does not otherwise present itself.

"All that media noise — it just overwhelms you," says father ronald

Mother renate ammon seems blown away by the hype surrounding her daughter. "The whole media landscape — it overwhelms you", she says — and thinks back to the moment when rebecca was born a christ child. Right away, she had to give her first live interview about her daughter's success — and "there were so many emotions", the mom reports.

Rebecca herself took a relatively cool approach to christ child casting. She was very excited before her performance in front of the jury. When she was in the room, she tried to simply block it out, "which worked relatively well, tells rebecca. "I simply tried to be myself and to show myself as i would have been as the christkind."

Rebecca indeed seems natural and carefree, but she knows how to assert herself. The teenager confidently directs dad and mom in the living room during the joint photo shoot. "We know who is the boss at the moment", says father ronald with a grin.

Hobbies with lots of exercise

Rebecca cultivates hobbies with lots of exercise. From 2012 to 2016, she took part in climbing sports. And at the age of five she started with ballroom dancing, since 2015 she has been doing standard dance — viennese waltz, samba, salsa. And she already has a dance partner.

In the summer of 2016, rebecca went to atlanta in the u.S. State of georgia for a year abroad, where she went to high school. She played lacrosse — a ball sport that is particularly popular in north america — on a school team. But it wasn't always easy for rebecca in the faraway usa. "There were days when i could cry from homesickness", she recalls. "And the next day i was so happy again that i was allowed to be in america."

In the u.S., she also learned a lot about a problem that is also a growing issue in this country: homelessness. She recently read in the newspaper that more and more people in her hometown of nurnberg were living on the streets. "That's not good", rebecca thinks. Mother renate is also concerned — and refers to reports that more and more children in germany are also affected by homelessness.

The christ child can give courage to such children by being there for them, says rebecca. "And because the christ child is not afraid and just approaches them and tells them about christmas. Or eats gingerbread with them."

Nurnberger christkindlesmarkt: brocade and gold lame for the new christ child
in general, she knows that difficult appointments await her in the run-up to christmas — for example, in cancer wards in hospitals. But she is being prepared for that by her caretakers. But in the end, how you react depends on the situation, says the 17-year-old, who is optimistic: "it'll be okay." rebecca ammon's first rough trial is on the 1. December: then she opens the famous nurnberger christkindlesmarkt from the gallery of the frauenkirche.

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