City council has not yet decided on the sports park

As the mayor rudi eck (csu) informed in a press release, there were no objections to the submitted financial concept of the tv for the project "sportpark eichelsee" at present no decision of the city.
According to eck, a cross-faction working group under the leadership of city chamberlain wolfgang homer is to work out alternatives to this. A timetable for the project has not yet been set.
Only last weekend, the responsible persons of the gymnastics club had taken a stand on the project and illuminated the background from their point of view. The tv has so far been optimistic that the project can go through.

This is how the tv habfurt sees the matter

in the press release the responsible persons described that four years of preliminary work were put into the planning, the gymnastics club stands "united behind the project, which is so important for the club, the junior staff and the broad sport in habfurt."
Six million euros — a chunk of money. But according to tv, a project manager from the city has checked the cost estimate and confirmed it as reasonable on the basis of comparisons. The tv had made cutbacks in the building and in the equipment, but the triple hall was important. The need is there, as those responsible at the tv emphasize. The school’s special-purpose association does not see any competition with the triple school sports hall.

Boost for sports in habfurt

in the fact that the bavarian state sports association (blsv) did not even demand a smaller hall, they see themselves confirmed. And: "popular ball sports such as basketball or handball, which we do not currently offer, as well as competitive sports, could only be offered to a limited extent in a smaller hall." according to tv, the financing problem would not be fundamentally different because of lower subsidies.
One topic in the discussions pro and contra sportpark is again and again the club system. The tv trusts own statements after investigations, which attach again more meaning to the association being. Because: the lower income groups were on the rise.
The fact that the city of habfurt is so financially committed to the sports park is justified in the eyes of those responsible for the tv: "in principle, sports clubs continue to represent the quantitatively most important carrier of civic commitment." and in 2011, "our club leaders and helpers, department heads, board members and committee members put in around 15,000 hours of work, creating a value-added of around 200,000 euros for the city of habfurt and its citizens". This value creation will increase with the construction of the sportpark eichelsee, in the opposite case it will be lost."
If the city were to build and rent the hall, the subsidy from the blsv would be lost. The board sees itself motivated by mayor rudi eck (csu), who promised support. "Otherwise, a project of this magnitude would in fact be unreasonable for volunteers."
The gymnastics club has built up backlogs in recent years, tv officials emphasize. The old stock, however, could not be refurbished, according to a technical and economic appraisal. "The club’s assets have improved by around 260,000 euros over the past five years." energy costs are becoming increasingly onerous: in 2011, around 25,000 euros were spent on electricity and gas. "Per 31.12.In 2011 the association had a cash balance of 220 000 euro." 50,000 had already been paid from reserves for planning services. "Additional conditional pledges enabled a total of more than 300,000 euros to be raised in the short term. The investment reserve, which only applies to active adult members, will fill the reserve fund with a further 50,000 euros. That means: already in 2012 75 to 80 percent of the calculated cash can be reached. The association has done its utmost here."

At the limit of resilience

the tv can shoulder the loan over nearly two million euro? Yes, say those responsible: "already today, the contribution income of the club, with its current 1300 members, amounts to around 100,000 euros." from experience reports of other clubs that have built and the blsv, the tv expects a double-digit percentage increase. The calculation is based on experience.
The calculation meant that in eight years the number of members had to grow by 30 persons per year. Nevertheless, the tv admits: "the club for its part goes of course to the limit of his resilience."

Membership growth is important

"from the nine existing departments, this was an average of about three members more per year. Maybe we can win back some of the members who left the club. Only one-third of all habfurt citizens are members of sports clubs. Our sports concept will create opportunities for preschool children all the way to active seniors. As a broad-based and multigenerational sports club, we will create all the prerequisites for this necessary growth with the sports park."
The construction of the guesthouse is planned in partnership with a tenant who, according to the tv, does not yet exist. To be found by tender.
Keyword basic costs for the hall (450 000 euro). The discussed alternative on the north side has been thoroughly examined, according to the tv, but results in significantly higher total costs. The move to the school center is "not realistic" and mean a "lost use value of the acorn lake land".

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