Colorful, bright, music and a good atmosphere

The second bad kissingen holi festival was also well received by the visitors. On father’s day — despite the rainy weather — hundreds of mostly young people flocked to the former barracks grounds to celebrate and throw colored bags at each other. All the paint bags fly up every hour.
It was a color rain of a special kind: fine, colorful powder dust trickled down on the entire fenced-in area of the festival square. It was almost impossible "not to dust" and at the end to leave the festival land with a whole body of colorful paintings. But that was exactly the intention of the event, to throw color dust at each other and to dip themselves from head to toe in colorful colors.

Origin in india

the colorful festival was born out of an indian need. Here people often sprinkle and sprinkle each other with colored water and colored powder for several days. This is to symbolize that at least for a few hours all barriers of caste, gender, age and social status are removed. For some years now, the idea of this spring festival has spilled over into germany. Unlike india, however, the only thing that stands in the foreground here is the spab factor. Every hour on the hour on thursday, visitors threw open paint bags into the air.

This is just cool

like with jesica and her friends. They visited this color festival for the second time already. "Everything fits: the music and the atmosphere. Everyone is in a good mood and just celebrating", he 22-year old premicher. The madels think throwing paint at each other is cool. Even if at the end everyone is completely dusted and the clothes have to be put in the washing machine. If the color should not go out, one can buy oneself yes a new outfit. But the pleasure was worth it. The young ladies will also visit the next holi-fest in fulda.
A positive balance at the end of the festival also drew organizer benjamin akinc: "the mood this year was very good in the rain. Probably not least because of the international djs among others with vito scafffa, alex estevez and pat benedetti. It was simply a peaceful festival where people had a lot of fun", the organizer summed up. Therefore a continuation is planned for next year.

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