Debate-o-meter: rate angela merkel against martin schulz live at the tv duel

Debate-o-meter: rate angela merkel against martin schulz live at the tv duel

Traditionally, the duel between the candidates for chancellor of the two major parties is almost a sweepstakes. Hardly any other political broadcast reaches more people than the tv debate that has been taking place since 2002 before the federal elections. On sunday it will be 20.3 p.M. Parallel on sat.1, rtl, ard and zdf will be broadcast and probably almost 20 million bundesburgers will watch.

If you want to know for yourself how good or bad you think the two top candidates are, you can use the debate-o-meter to rate angela merkel and martin schulz live via smartphone, tablet or pc over the internet. 20 people took part in the small tv debate on wednesday.000 people logged in.

A team of researchers from the university of freiburg finally evaluates who won the debate. Moreover, the scientists are able to name the reasons for victory and defeat, because the approval and disapproval of the individual arguments is recorded to the second.

Infrances.De publishes the results of the debate-o-meter after the duel in cooperation with the university of freiburg.

How the debat-o-meter works?

The debat-o-meter itself is very easy to use. Uber die tasten "doppel-plus", "plus", "minus" and "double-minus on the screen, one can give an assessment of the candidates at any time during the debate. However, only one evaluation pays per second. Data security and anonymity are particularly important to the researchers at the university of freiburg. "Of course, we can never guarantee absolute security, but we pull out all the stops to make things as difficult as possible for storers, according to computer scientist professor bernd becker.

The tv duel was the subject of controversial debate beforehand. While the chancellor only wanted one duel, the tv stations and martin schulz wanted two debates. Former zdf editor-in-chief brender even spoke of a miscarriage of the debate format over the weekend, because the chancellor had set the rules.

For prof. Uwe wagschal, however, believes the advantages of the debate are very important: "the tv duel reaches a lot of people, especially those who are not involved in politics. And they will receive a lot of information about the party programs, positions and people."

What do the participants get out of the debat-o-meter??

With the direct evaluation you are live and directly present during the discussion and can directly express your opinion. After the discussion, each participant then receives an individual evaluation of his or her own clicks, which shows in which subject areas he or she was closer to one of the candidates. Finally, if you wish, you can receive a detailed overall evaluation of the tv duel.

Participation in the debat-o-meter is completely anonymous and anyone interested can take part using their smartphone, tablet or pc. No special software needs to be installed, a normal internet browser is enough. The debat-o-meter is at https://app about an hour before the discussion.Debatometer.Com activated.

And that’s how it works:

1. Go to https://app just before the debate.Debatometer.Com/
2. Log in. Anyone can participate.
3. Fill in the pre-questionnaire.
4. The debate-o-meter records the ratings.
5. If you want to share an evaluation over a longer period of time, you can print it several times. But the debat-o-meter never records more than one score per second.
6. If no button is printed, no data is transmitted. This is interpreted as a neutral evaluation.
7. The ratings are treated confidentially and only evaluated anonymously.
8. After the debate, fill out the post-debate questionnaire.

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