Decisions are made by the bader

The bavarian spa association (bhv) sees the necessity of further corona decreases, at the same time the spas and health resorts are hit extremely hard again. "They mean in many places a lockdown for thermae, hotels and gaststatten and thus economically a disaster for the enterprises and places concerned ?, so the bhv-chairman peter berek in the apron of the government explanation of minister-president markus soder on tuesday in the state parliament.

"Our spas and health resorts live from health tourism. They are urgently dependent on spa taxes, the trade tax plays a subordinate role. Moreover, spas and health resorts are not the cause of the problems. We are a part of the solution because we have the health, rehabilitation and prevention services." even in the event of a lockdown, the spas and health resorts would have to continue to bear the costs for infrastructure and personnel. So far, eight counties in bavaria are affected with an incidence of over 1000. Among them are also the counties of passau and rottal-inn with the lower bavarian bader triangle. But the district of rosenheim and the allgau region are also threatened by a lockdown, with an incidence of over 800.

"The bhv is well aware of the support it has received to date. These were of existential importance in order to be able to offer functioning spas and health resorts in bavaria at all. If now again drastic restrictions for the already beaten places come, it needs again and again urgent national support" according to peter berek. The managing director of the bhv, thomas jahn, makes it clear that the losses due to lost spa fees could not be compensated for and that there was no override aid for the thermal baths that were closed from january to june.

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