Eva herzigova: don’t need much to live on

Eva herzigova: don't need much to live on

Model eva herzigova, who became famous as "miss wonderbra" in a bra commercial, can live out of a small rolling suitcase for several weeks, according to her own words.

"I arrived in turin with a trolley and i felt wonderful with it for two months," the 47-year-old czech woman told the italian newspaper "la stampa" on saturday. She had two pairs of pants and three blouses with her. Eva herzigova, who has an italian partner and three sons, says she lives in london and milan. But she had just been visiting her family in turin, piedmont, when italy imposed the exit bans because of the corona pandemic.

She stayed there and lived in the dark — and remembered her childhood. She likes to pick cherries and make jam. It was a kind of break in consumption, even if it actually liked the city life. "Covid 19 disease has helped me rediscover rhythms that are more human and the simple values i knew as a child.When asked what was valuable to her, the ’90s supermodel, who was photographed by stars such as peter lindbergh and helmut newton, said: "family, work, independence". And continue to study, to grow, to learn."

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