Everything in the green

There is already a lot of activity — just a little different from the "christkindles werkstatten" in the courtyard of crailsheim castle in rodelsee. Safety shoes and wheelbarrows, battery-powered screwdrivers and forklifts dominate the scene, and clouds of exhaust fumes and harsh tones waft through the air.

"Can you manage something now?" comes the voice from the gwf vinotheque — the grinning faces reveal that the harsh request is not meant quite seriously. The "dedicated wine enthusiasts" get on well together and already help to set up the market together.

Irene dorbath and jurgen schwertl are obviously free from giddiness — and courageous. To decorate the four-and-a-half-meter-high fir tree in front of the stairway to the castle with several lights, they even dare to use a lifting platform.

Although forklift truck driver mario konig tries to make the hovering flat truck move upwards as smoothly as possible, it is not possible to do it without wobbling. The two on the tableau remain however completely relaxed, after all they do not make this for the first time. From 22. To 24. November stands the now 14. Edition of the "christkindles werkstatten" at.

Walter fuhrmann was there from the very beginning. He helped lift the event, which attracts thousands of onlookers to the tranquil town of rodelsee, out of the eaves. In the meantime, together with helga konig and rita robmark, he is at the helm of the association "die winzer schloss crailsheim e.V.".

Not all members are winemakers, but all have the well-being of the wine village in mind. They organize and manage the popular "christkindles werkstatten" on their own, independent of the municipality and the associated tourism council. Which doesn’t mean that half of the winery is not on its feet on the weekend of the workshop to get in the mood for the pre-christmas season. In addition to the flying traders, some of whom have been exhibiting their treasures in the courtyard, in the cellar and on the second floor of crailsheim castle for many years, the associations and institutions of rodelsee are also involved. "We can’t complain about the willingness to help," says walter fuhrmann. "Even though you can never have too many helpers."

In any case, everyone has their own tasks during the construction phase. No sooner has fuhrmann arrived than he has to move on again, fetching cable drums with the trailer on his private vehicle.

In the meantime, helmut robmark and karl ackermann are busy spreading the 25 cubic meters of wood chips on the lawn. "So that the gluhwein drinkers don’t get cold feet," says robmark, tipping out his wheelbarrow. He himself is also warm in the meantime — and he still has at least 20 rides to distribute. "There are worse things", he thinks and pushes off again.

It is not always easy to reconcile all the opinions. The members of "die winzer schloss crailsheim e.V." come from different industries, from different generations. Some of them are long-established rodelseer, others have just moved here and want to bring new ideas.

In the end, everyone pulls together again — as was the case when the 40 needle trees were picked up in frohstockheim and castell. At least 25 people were paid by fuhrmann on each of the last three set-up saturdays.

Some 2,500 to 3,000 guests will get in the mood on the three market days when the scent of mulled wine and contemplative tones float through the palace courtyard — just as one is used to at the "christkindles werkstatten.

Date: the market in and around crailsheim castle in rodelsee will take place on friday, 22. November, from 4 to 8 p.M., on saturday, 23. November, from 2 p.M. To 8 p.M., and on sunday, 24. November, from 11 a.M. To 8 p.M.

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