Fans of small cars meet in bad staffelstein

fans of small cars meet in bad staffelstein

When wolfgang kroger talks about small cars, you can tell how much he enjoys his hobby. His collection has long outgrown the small garage in the auwaldsiedlung, where he has stored his rare vintage cars from the 1950s. Since its 18. The 50-year-old has been collecting small cars since he was 50 years old — the goggomobil, messerschmitt cabin scooter, fuldamobil and isetta are the best known.

The f 125 small-block truck is rather unknown. Wolfgang kruger’s sleek minicoupe of this brand is bright red and was built in 1953. For 25 years he has owned the little wagon, which weighs only 150 kilograms. The 125-cubic-centimeter engine produces around 5.5 hp in the small-cut stroller. The little car doesn’t have a reverse gear — but why should it, since it can be pushed easily?. The suspension of the red runabout is bizarre: the axles are suspended from rubber bands, just like on a baby carriage. The kleinschnittger is a rarity today, because only about 1500 of this smallest coupe in the world were ever built.

Wolfgang kroger has now invited owners of such vehicles to bad staffelstein. On friday, 19. July, and saturday, 20. July, come to the land in front of the staffelsteiner siedlerheim in the auwaldsiedlung. There is on the two days for all who are interested in cars, the possibility to look at and talk shop.

Around 20 owners of small cars have confirmed their attendance. A vintage car owner from bremen will even travel with his kleinschnittger on its own axle — with a top speed of 70 km/h, he will be on the road for several hours.

Wolfgang kroger also drew up a framework program. Arrival of participants is on friday, 19. July. On saturday, 20. July, a trip to vierzehnheiligen takes place; at the vehicle blessing (10 o’clock) surely beautiful photo motives before the basilica offer themselves. Via seblach and maple, the route leads back to bad staffelstein, where the vehicles arrive at around 17:00.30 o’clock in the morning. A celebration in front of the settlers’ home followed in the evening, to which all interested people were invited.

The history of the kleinschnittger company and the f 125

beginnings as early as 1939, paul kleinschnittger in ladelund (schleswig-holstein) had begun development work on a car and produced a chassis that was essentially made of old aircraft parts. Development was suspended during the second world war, but a first prototype was ready by the end of the 1940s. The mudguards came from a motorcycle and the plexiglass windshield from old military aircraft.

The f 125 since the first model was not suitable for series production, kleinschnittger designed an almost completely new vehicle, the f 125, within a few months. Its body was no longer made of sheet steel, but of aluminum, and was mounted on a lightweight central tubular frame. A (relatively) heavy starter battery was also dispensed with; instead, the engine was started by a cable, similar to a lawnmower. Thanks to this choice of materials and design, the car weighed only 170 kilograms. The small car received a single-cylinder two-stroke engine with 122 cubic centimeters of displacement from the ilo-motorenwerke in pinneberg. With (at last) just under six horsepower the car reached a top speed of 70 km/h.

Technical details the engine was installed at the front. The fuel consumption is just under three liters per 100 kilometers. The car has a steering wheel gear, but not a reverse gear, because it is so light that it can simply be lifted to turn around. There is room for two adults. The f 125 has no doors; the sidewalls are cut out like those of a sports car; the car has only an emergency hood. The first vehicles were delivered in april 1950. On average, about 50 examples were produced each month. The price was around 2300 marks. Requests came even from abroad. By 1957, 2980 f 125 small-blocks had been built. Wikipedia

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