For a review without reservations

Regarding the plans for the aurachtal road: the word is out: the herzogenaurach city council has a "design majority", and this grouping has agreed on several themes. It is gratifying to note that the joint program also includes the promotion of an urban railroad on the aurachtal route. The four parties of the "design majority", so spd, grune, fdp and the party, have agreed on it. The csu and the free voters have always advocated a neutral review, and now there is absolutely nothing to stop them from submitting a motion to that effect as soon as possible.

What a surprise: the result of a vote then had to be 31:0.

The goal must be to find the best solution for herzogenaurach, without any ifs and buts — and as soon as possible. From the party negotiations it became known that the mayor wants to postpone the review — until the end of 2021. But it makes no sense to postpone alternative courses of action into the distant future and to create countervailing facts until then — along the lines of the de-designations that have already permanently damaged the aurachtal route.

Currently, the mayor operates something similar under the keyword "cycle path to erlangen". He wants to asphalt parts of the aurachtal railroad line on erlanger terrain and make it usable for trams and cyclists at the same time. Cyclists can only shake their heads: for them, there is nothing more accident-proof than parallel tracks. Moreover, in the preliminary study, this project came in last out of seven: highest cost, lowest benefit. Zero chance of realization.

So, dear city councillors, bring the overdue examination on the way and agree to an immediate neutral investigation — without reservations. Leave no doubt that you stand by your campaign promises.

Manfred horn


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