Free voters become strongest force

No new mayor, but a municipal council was elected in uehlfeld on sunday. The voter turnout was 58.58 percent. Remarkably: csu and the new founded free voters () are with 17.92 and 17.97 percent of the votes almost on the same level — by the new numbering they get nevertheless one seat more in the council. They get on with three sitting right away as the strongest force.

Werner stocker (csu) remains in the office he has held since 2010. For health reasons, the then uehlfeld mayor helmut praus () retired from office on 1. December 2010 resigned from office. On 28. November 2010 werner stocker was elected as his successor. Since then, the community has been electing its leader by rotation; the next mayoral election is scheduled for 2022.

However, the municipal council has already been reconstituted — also because instead of 16 as before, now only 14 rates make up the body. The losers include the burgerblock with only two seats instead of four, as well as the greens, the csu and the ueberparteiliche wahlergruppe schornweisach (uws), which each lose one seat.

Although there are personnel changes in the electoral community of peppenhochstadt-gottesgab-rohensaas (wg p-g-r) and the spd, there are no changes to the seats.

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