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From the bank to the next car

Now there is also in heiligenstadt mitfahrbanke. On monday, the two colorful benches on the main street were officially put into operation. "Heiligenstadt is also taking small steps to improve local mobility", said first mayor helmut kramer (csu/unity). In addition to the burgerbus and another leisure line, the burgers now have access to car-sharing benches that were made by disabled people from the diakoniewerk neuendettelsau.

Instead of hitchhiking, burgers choose a sign saying where they want to go. Destinations from heiligenstadt are konigsfeld, aufseb and unterleinleiter. Then they can take a seat on the bench and wait until they are taken away by a friendly car driver. Mayor kramer, gerhard riediger (nwg) from unterleinleiter and ludwig bauerlein (csu) from aufseb as well as bamberg’s district administrator johann kalb (csu) tested one of the benches right away — but were not taken along.

Also onseb erhalt banke

There are such banks in the district forchheim already for about a year. For example in unterleinleiter. There gerhard riediger could see hikers sitting who had been taken away within three minutes. However, he complained that the municipality should always be held liable for everything. In unterleinleiter, the latter is exclusively responsible for traffic safety around the bank. If someone picks up a hitchhiker, the car driver is responsible.

The car-sharing banks are not intended to compete with local public transport. In some towns in the district of forchheim, plushtrees were put on the bench and their installation was rejected at burgers’ meetings. Soon, there will also be ride-sharing banks in aufseb, so that burghers from heiligenstadt can also get home again this way.

13 communities are involved

Ludwig bauerlein said that there are many citizens who drive from aufseb to heiligenstadt to see a doctor or to go shopping. District administrator kalb reported that 13 communities in the district of bamberg have signed up for the project. Here, the banks are paid by the district. A set of signs costs 1000 euros. The county has a budget of 25,000 euros in the current budget. Currently, 40 ride-sharing benches have been and are being installed in the district of bamberg.

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