From the bottom to the top

The literary festival draws wider circles. Among others up to the gut leimershof. Here, on the spacious country idyll, the organizers have found the best location for their special interest reading. It’s about horses. Which is not quite right: it’s about horses and life, destiny and success.
Timo ameruoso was a successful show jumper. He was destined to reach the top of his sport. Nothing came of it. Since a motorcycle accident in may 1995, ameruoso has been in a wheelchair. He was 16 years old at the time. But: ameruoso got back on the horse and is now one of the most respected horse trainers and
-psychologists worldwide.
And because this did not happen overnight, but was connected with further blows of fate, ameruoso has gained knowledge over time. Not only about horses, but about life itself: "firstly", he says "we can’t take anything with us". Second, we are all the same." for example, he learned from the animals: "horses don’t care if i’m in a wheelchair or a banker or anything else."
The evening in gut leimershof was a mixture of reading from his book "it is too late to give up" and a kind of motivational lecture. Even though it is important for ameruoso to distinguish itself from charlatan coaches and speakers. The way to success, he repeats like a mantra, is very simple: "you just have to persevere. Success is an inevitable consequence of perseverance." it is quite possible to find counterexamples to this thesis.
Ameruoso, in any case, after his accident, had to go through even lower valleys… He learned to ride again, he even rides better than ever, but in july 1999 "at the peak of my strength", he fell off his horse. "Before we even got to the hospital, i was unconscious", reads ameruoso. He describes the following coma as a "very peaceful time", to which he later, in phases of deep depression, longed again and again.
Because even worse than the first and second accidents together was the time he spent working as a technical draftsman in a two-man company. Ameruoso dreamed of making himself independent and becoming one of the best horse trainers in the world. Instead, he loves to be bullied by his boss, for 15 years, he ruins relationships, gets sick again and again, and is broke. At night he prays not to have to wake up in the morning.

Too late to give up

"but when you’re at the bottom, there’s no place to go but up." on the phone, a mental coach says to him the sentence that became the title of his book: it’s too late to give up now. This is one part of the salvation, the other one is for gloria, a woman who takes part in his horse courses in bamberg. "She got a bad temper from the sight of me", says ameruoso. And that gloria, perhaps because of this, had been prickly from the start. "You could ask her, she is also there."
Because thanks to his expertise in horse matters, he managed to convince the skeptical gloria of his merits. The two met at the beginning of 2015, and by the end of 2015 ameruoso had achieved everything he wanted. He remained focused, he said, like a horse that wants a blade of grass. And he had learned that sometimes you have to change your strategy. "The brain tries to preserve existing patterns", he says. You have to make a conscious decision against it.
What that concretely consists of, however, is not so really clear. Lecture and reading often remain very schematic, conceptual. Ameruoso shimmies along rough words and into the one or other calendar slogan. His story remains impressive, of course. Like his knowledge of the nature of these coarse animals to which he owes so much. To good leimershof had come to a large part of riders. They still had several questions, about the horse and about life.

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