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General practitioner disagrees with michelbach

General practitioner disagrees with michelbach

As recently as january of this year, thomas scheller, chairman of the coburg city and country gp association, warned that there would soon be a serious shortage of gps, especially in rural areas. He blamed this on a failed health policy. Poor payment of rural doctors does not motivate young doctors to settle in the rural area. The fact that the csu member of parliament hans michelbach is now blaming the bavarian association of statutory health insurance physicians (kvb) for the fact that two practices in coburg have had to close and there are no successors, is something he does not want to let stand unchallenged.
He wrote an open letter to hans michelbach and clarified: "the kassenarztliche vereinigung bayern is a corporation under public law in which we gps are compulsory members by law and which we also have to finance. The main task of the kvb is to implement the laws and regulations passed by the legislature, i.E. The members of the german parliament and the federal government. She also has no room for maneuver here." the kvb can not allow, not refuse and not search for practice successors. They could only fill practices if there were suitable successors.
But there is a lack of young people. "Nobody wants to put up with fourteen- to sixteen-hour working days anymore. Young doctors go to switzerland, great britain or sweden, where they earn the same salaries as here at half the working hours", thomas scheller stated. "The average age of coburg's general practitioners is 54, and most of their colleagues are tired, exhausted and burned out."

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