How the coburg train station can shine

Since last tuesday, 14 students from the coburg university of applied sciences have laid two kilometers of cable and installed 90 light points. On friday evening, the first results were shown for the first time. Next week, they will try out other concepts that the students developed in the workshop with professor michael muller. Muller teaches, among other things, light design and light planning at the university.

Facade lighting is one of the points included in the concept for sparing the coburg train station. In the course of 2020, the entrance hall and the tunnel to the tracks and under the b4 are to be redesigned: with more and gentler light, seating in the station hall. For it a niche was already created instead of a shop window in the hall.

According to project manager stefanie ehlert (db station und service), almost one million euros is available for the work. The money comes from the special "future stations" program, in which 16 stations nationwide have been included.

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