In the culture state

Bavaria’s culture begins in france." minister-president horst seehofer (csu) received a long round of applause for his first speech at the reception of the bavarian state government in weiben saal. However, this was not his own realization, but what he had read a few weeks ago in the suddeutsche zeitung: "but i would like to express my agreement with this." but all of bavaria is a cultural state. Seehofer referred to bayreuth, the wurzburg mozart festival, the bachwoche in ansbach, the munich opera festival, the richard strauss festival in garmisch and the kissinger summer — a "jewel in the cultural crown of bavaria".
He was told that the coarse hall is one of the three most beautiful concert halls in the world. He now understands this statement, and he warned the people of kissing: "the people of munich are currently looking for a concert hall!" also to applause, seehofer announced that he would come again next year with his wife: "do you see this as a reverence to the kissinger summer"?." for him this is a small jubilee: "then i will have been in office for five years." and with a view to current election forecasts, he said: "if i come next year, it is guaranteed that i will live to see it."
Mayor kay blankenburg (spd) expressed the city’s thanks for the annual state reception: "you have noticed how proud the city is to have you here." the mayor announced the extension of the consortium agreement with the state of bavaria to secure the state baths in bad kissingen. But: "in the last few years, developments have taken place that the free state must support. We are on a good way, but on the last meters we need them. I trust in you."
what blankenburg was referring to is the city’s efforts to be included in the unesco world heritage program: "do you know of a hall that deserved it more?" a jewel for the whole of bavaria.
"We have drawn up a list of priorities for bad kissingen. And at the top of the list is world heritage recognition, because it costs nothing", countered seehofer. And without being asked about the topic, the minister-president said: "i hope that we will be much further ahead with the hotel steigenberger this time next year than we are now."

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