«Jona» celebrates 30. Jubilee

The "jona" group from lichtenfels for 30 years now, stands for polyphonic singing in the tradition of the new spiritual song, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes hauntingly interpreted, gently accompanied by acoustic guitar, piano and bass, accentuated by flutes and hand percussion.

The group "jona" was formed from a small group of young people from the parish of our dear lady in lichtenfels, who got together in the fall of 1989 to enrich the service with other, younger songs.

The polyphonic singing quickly became a trademark, "jona" was a pure choir but never. Instruments also always played a key role.

In three decades, the members of the council have changed several times, but four of the current eleven members have been on the council since the beginning.

The songs have become more varied, the arrangements more unusual, the interpretation often more lively than in the early days. To the 30. Jubilaum has the "jona" group a small concert series and makes on sunday, 10. November, at 5 p.M. In the city parish church in lichtenfels station.

Admission is free, donations will go to the new children’s hospice in bamberg, according to the announcement

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