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«Jugend musiziert»: soft tones and rough feelings

Jonas manke’s fingers dance over the silver valves of the clarinet. Let fast, lively tones give way to the opening of the instrument and reverberate through the concert hall. Lea giebler’s fingers also dance. Not about silver, but about black and white keys. She accompanies jonas on the piano. Together they are a well-rehearsed duo, which is why they have qualified for the bavarian state competition of "jugend musiziert" qualifies. This one takes place in regensburg.
But before they get there, lichtenfels is on the agenda. As the fingers of the two young musicians rest, it is the fingers of the audience that set the tone: applause resounds through the hall of the former synagogue. Jonas is 15 years old, lea 17. In february, the two young musicians from lichtenfels won the regional "jugend musiziert" competition they prevailed among about 60 participants. And are now one round further. The regional competition is the first hurdle. Young people from the districts of coburg, kronach and lichtenfels compete against each other and have to face the verdict of a jury of experts.

A performance as a special prize

one of the special prizes awarded was the concert that afternoon, organized by the heinrich faber music school. The three musicians or couples who have received the best ratings will perform there. Besides jonas and lea also marcel schuberth convinced the jury. The kronach native is 15 years old and has devoted himself to one instrument above all others since childhood: the guitar. His fingers gently stroked the strings of the acoustic guitar. The sounds that escape from it are calm, full of feeling, do not need any other accompaniment to arouse emotions. Emotions that marcel also puts into his performance.
Meanwhile, he keeps his eyes closed, feels the grip of the guitar, the strings and the music. "In a little brook bright" uses lars tappert at the end of the concert. The powerful voice of the 19-year-old tenor echoes through the hall. And winds up and down in different pitches — similar to "the trout" from franz schuberts stucco. He is accompanied by julia rogner on the piano. Being allowed to take part in the state competition in regensburg means a lot to the young musicians who performed that afternoon. One thing is particularly important to them: "the most important thing for me is to gain experience and exchange ideas with other musicians", betrayal of jonas manke from lichtenfels. "But i also wanted to get as far as possible in the competition."

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