Knife attack in kandel: murder trial against ex-boyfriend of 15-year-old mia has begun

knife attack in kandel: murder trial against ex-boyfriend of 15-year-old mia has begun

Sluggish start to the murder trial in the blood crime of kandel: the non-open trial about the fatal knife attack on 15-year-old mia from the town in the south palatinate was interrupted shortly after it began. The defense of the accused abdul d., maximilian endler, according to his own statements, applied for the replacement of the interpreter at the landau district court on monday.

The latter had been inadequately translated, said endler. He was able to judge that, even though he did not speak the afghan language dari himself. His request was granted. A new interpreter was to appear on monday and the trial was to be continued.

Defendant regrets the crime?

The first day of the eagerly awaited murder trial was scheduled to include not only the reading of the indictment but also the examination of witnesses and experts. Defense attorney endler said his client wanted to make a statement about himself and the case. Abdul b. He is in bad shape, he regrets the crime. His client was threatened with murder and assaulted by fellow prisoners. Mia’s parents are the defendants in the case. According to endler, these appeared in court on monday.

The prosecution accuses abdul d. Murder before and sees according to court spokesman robert schelp the murder characteristics of the heimtucke and the low motives fulfilled — in this case jealousy and revenge.

According to the indictment, mia’s ex-boyfriend, who is believed to be from afghanistan, stabbed mia on 27 june. The defendant was reported to have observed the 15-year-old getting off a bus with two other young people at kandel train station in december 2017. He allegedly followed the group to a supermarket and bought two knives there, one with a blade more than 20 centimeters long. According to the indictment, he then abruptly stabbed mia seven times in a drugstore. A stab hit the heart of the victim and was fatal.

Debate on refugee policy reignited

the act of blood in kandel had rekindled the debate on german refugee policy. There were numerous xenophobic demonstrations and counter-demonstrations in the palatinate town, which has a population of around 9,000. The start of the trial in landau was therefore accompanied by high security measures. The street next to the court was cordoned off and the windows of the courtroom were covered with curtains.

According to the court, mia had been arrested about a month before the crime by abdul d. Separate. Even before the crime, she felt obliged to denounce him, and a little later, so did mia’s father. Court spokesman schelp said there was a suspicion that the defendant had shown excessive jealousy and had thoughts of revenge because of his cultural origin. The defendant’s application for asylum has since been rejected.

How old is abdul d.?

The age issue will be of central importance in the course of the trial. Even expert opinions had the exact age of abdul d. Not being able to clarify. Because it is not certain whether he is already 18, he will not be tried in open court under juvenile law. Should it be determined in the course of the proceedings that abdul d. According to schelp, the trial must be held in public if he is already of age. Then it could be that parts that had not been completed in an open manner up to that point would have to be repeated.

Ware abdul d. Over 18 and therefore legally an adolescent until 21, according to schelp, was his "moral maturity" deciding whether he can be sentenced under juvenile or adult criminal law. Therefore, a psychiatrist was sitting in the courtroom during the entire proceedings. According to juvenile criminal law, abdul d. Maximum ten years in prison, life imprisonment under adult criminal law. So far, there are still twelve more trial days until 29. August scheduled. A total of more than 80 witnesses are to be called.

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