Leonie muller opens «living-room» in munnerstadt

Leonie muller opens 'living-room' in munnerstadt

Most people furnish their living rooms comfortably. Leonie muller’s living room also radiates coziness. Living-room means nothing else than living room. And yet it’s a little different. "It’s just about spending time together, sharing life together", says the 41-year-old. And: "that’s something i missed a little bit in munnerstadt."

There’s a reason leonie muller doesn’t call her project "living room", but "living-room has called. As a sud african, her native language is english. She speaks german, too, of course. After all, she has been married to munnerstadter markus muller for twelve years and has lived here for eight years, where three of the four children they have had together were born.

The children (the oldest was born in england, where the mullers used to live) took up all their time. Now the two older ones go to school, the other two to kindergarten. "Now i have a little more time", says leonie muller. She wants to make good use of this newfound freedom for herself. "I could invest this time naturally in my budget." another way is to sit down and talk comfortably with other people. The best thing is to talk about what you like best. There were books or education and of course people’s life stories. But it doesn’t have to be, everything is possible. "It’s important to me to be among people. Of course, there’s one thing she’s particularly good at: english. And: "i believe i can create a cozy atmosphere where people feel at ease."

Anja schmidt would immediately agree: "it’s great, you feel good", says the visitor. "It has a special flair, not only because of the ambience, but also because of the individuality with which leonie muller manages it here."

but the cozy get-together is only one aspect of the living room. One saturday a month there is the theme day with a special program. This could, for example, be a reading from a book of poetry. If you want, you can also brush up on your foreign language skills and have conversations in english. "If there is interest, i can also read stories in english for children."

there are many books on the shelves that can either be read on the spot or exchanged. You bring a book you’ve read and just take another one home with you. The same goes for toys. For example, if you own something more than once, you can give it away and take another toy with you. "There is the idea behind it that you do not have to own everything and that you can also give things away."

Sharing is a basic idea of the living-room anyway and this does not only refer to sharing life. If you want to talk comfortably, you also like to drink a coffee with it. It costs money, but the price is rather symbolic. For this a guest can also pay for a coffee in advance. Not for himself, but for someone else. So even those who can’t afford it can have a cup of coffee.

The whole project is certainly not designed to earn gross reichtumer. Rather the opposite may be the case. One of the reasons why leonie muller runs her living room with so much commitment and sensitivity is that "you come to a point where you want to share."

Geoffnet has the living-room in the riemenschneiderstrabe 9 daily from 9 am to 3 pm. That’s all leonie muller can do at the moment. But: "if there is someone who has the same vision as me, i would also be happy to open in the afternoon.

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