«Little shock moment»: wm steamer for german handball players

National coach christian prokop had disappointment written all over his face as the beleaguered german handballers left the almost silent berlin arena with their heads bowed.

The unplanned loss of points in the 22:22 (12:10) against russia has put a first damper on the world cup euphoria and put the dhb selection under pressure for the top duel with defending champion france. "Today we were allowed to argue," said prokop. "But the beauty of this tournament is that we can do better within 24 hours with the great audience."

With the first minor setback, the german team missed out on early entry into the main round with 5:1 points. "It’s very frustrating that we didn’t get both points," said defensive strategist hendrik pekeler. "This is a very bitter evening. This is a little shock moment that we need to get out of our heads quickly."

In the summit meeting with world champion france, the prokop team will have to play on tuesday evening (20.30 hrs/zdf) score points to give themselves a realistic chance of reaching the semifinals. "But i don’t want to wander off into the distance now," said prokop. "We will sit down for a moment today, digest the game and then move on."

Capitain uwe gensheimer was 13 years old.500 spectators again best pitcher of the dhb selection with eight goals. "Of course, at the moment it’s a jolt and feels like a defeat," admitted the left-winger. Backcourt player fabian bohm, however, gave out the slogan: "the heads will go up very quickly and we will be ready."

But the german team will have to do better against the world champions. Against the unpleasant russians, prokop’s team initially found no way to get into the game. This was partly due to the fact that the opponent defended much better than the brazilians had done recently. Above all, however, germany’s goalkeeper andreas wolff failed to build on his previously strong tournament performances in the first round. In the first quarter of an hour, the thw keeper made only one save. Before the break, prokop brought the second goalkeeper silvio heinevetter onto the field for the first time.

While wolff cursed early on his own performance and shook his head, in the offensive at least the chance exploitation worked reasonably well. Kapitan gensheimer converted almost all of his attempts with his usual accuracy, and most of the shots from the back were also successful. Nevertheless, the game remained tight, as the russians closed their attacks unerringly despite the loud whistles of the audience. Even the usual solid german defense could not change anything, also because it was in the russian gegenstoben partly still in the communication among themselves haperte.

But the dhb selection improved — which also had to do with the inclusion of jannik kohlbacher. While the attacking play with the circle players had not worked in the first half, it got better with kohlbacher. The 23-year-old created important spaces and also finished successfully himself. After only a few minutes in the second half, the german team extended its lead to four goals for the first time. Now the fans also got into the swing of things, loudly accompanying the dhb selection through its third world cup match.

This spurred on the hitherto weak wolff in particular. In the 40. In the 58th minute, the 1.98 meter tall hune showed his first feat of the game when he deflected a russian’s counter-attack over the goal. Nevertheless, the russians stayed on thanks to their outstanding keeper victor kireev. "Stay cool" was the tenor of one of prokop’s speeches during the second round.

Up until the dramatic final phase, his team took the. But when paul drux made a play error, the russians managed to equalize. Fabian bohm put the dhb selection in front again 45 seconds before the end, but a few seconds before the final siren russia managed the deserved draw.

"We were not as concentrated and clever in the decisive moments as we had hoped for," prokop summed up. "It’s the exchange that prevails. We have not closed the bag at 20:17." and drux said disappointedly: "that is a lost point."

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