Looking forward to the new portable fire engine

Looking forward to the new portable fire engine

Carrying the past in the heart, courageously tackling the future — the youngest service and annual meeting of the prachting fire department in the culture room was marked by both. Above all, it was necessary to create continuity by filling the vacant position of deputy commander.

After florian zipfel, who had held this office since january 2014, was no longer able to perform it for professional and private reasons, the election of a successor was one of the central points on the agenda of the meeting. Markus fadler, who has been active in the fire brigade for many years, agreed to take on the responsibility. With 17 members present and entitled to vote — there were two abstentions — fadler was trusted with 15 votes in favor.

The prachtingen fire department can rely on 29 active members. From the board of the fire department to the second mayor and the fire department officer friedrich, a purchase decided by the municipal council was discussed, which from the point of view of the prachting fire brigade certainly deserves the attribute "milestone" deserved. This refers to the new portable fire engine approved as part of the fire department requirements plan.

Second mayor petersen aroused anticipation by pointing out that, as things stand at present, the vehicle can be delivered at the beginning of may.

Another wish expressed by the representatives of the prachtingen fire brigade, which was not included in the approved vehicle, was discussed in an objective and courteous manner, but was quite controversial. In order to be always equipped when the power has to be switched off, it would also be useful to have an emergency generator, he said. One of these came to around 1500 euros. The fire department will submit an application to the municipality.

During the meeting, a picture painted by adolf schnappauf on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the prachting fire brigade was presented to the then district administrator and patron helmut g. Walther's painting now returned to its starting point. Walther's wife had moved to a smaller apartment and left the picture to the father of the current district administrator, georg meibner, who then turned to the prachting fire department for help. Unfortunately, he could not come himself due to illness to hand over the picture. 

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