Movement keeps young

"Madness, madness, madness."Erich seifert could see the surprise and the joy in his face. On friday his wife elsbeth had taken him for a little ride. On his 90th birthday. Birthday. The goal was secret. At the entrance to the sickergrund stadium, the jubilarian already had a premonition.

"He also gives his proteges a lot of freedom, lets them try things out." sabine diener, gymnast tgk

Seifert was able to celebrate a round birthday last friday. It’s rare to see a 90-year-old enter a stadium in such a rustic manner. And rarely are there so many children and young people who are visibly happy to see him. To the left and right of the entrance the gymnasts of the gymnastics club kitzingen had lined up and applauded their rustic trainer. The council waved to the rows and listened joyfully to a poem written by the kitzingen gymnastics youth.

Erich seifert can confidently be called an institution of the tg kitzingen. In 1946 he moved with his parents from munich to kitzingen, became a member of the tgk. Besides gymnastics, he played handball and fistball and was involved in athletics. The trained bricklayer joined the city of kitzingen in 1956 and worked as a building inspector until his retirement in 1992. But as an athlete, that was by no means the end of the story.

To this day, erich seifert still presides over the arthur huber gymnastics team, and to this day he is still active as a gymnastics coach. He keeps fit with daily gymnastics, the two new hooves are no obstacle for him.

Seven years ago, he took part in the long jump at the german gymnastics festival in stuttgart. In general: his payments from the german gymnastics festivals are legendary among his proteges. "And when it comes to training, he’s there to help us with advice and great tips," says heidi diener, who, together with her sister sabine, is thrilled with the 90-year-old. "He also gives his proteges a lot of freedom, lets them try things out," says sabine, summing up what is obvious that day: "the kids love him."

"Move as long as you can. Then you stay young." erich seifert gymnastics coach at the age of 90

Board member kurt semmler briefly summarized the work and awards of the 90-year-old: honorary member of the tg kitzingen, honorary certificate from the city and district of kitzingen, kuno meuschel award. As deputy chairman of the tgk, he took on responsibilities, worked for 30 years in the city’s association for physical education and was a judge in gymnastics. He took the german sports badge well into old age. He has been an exercise instructor for 60 years.

As a small token of their appreciation, the children and young people performed some exercises for their coach in the sickergrund stadium, which they had learned from him over the course of the last few years. "This is a real surprise", erich seifert was pleased to say while watching the tribune and gave all the congratulators a suitable piece of advice to take with them: "keep moving as long as you can". Then you stay young."

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