Much more space for analysis in vestenbergsgreuth

Much more space for analysis in vestenbergsgreuth

Phyto-lab is an independent test laboratory for herbal products. Analysis, development, quality control and registration of herbal medicinal products, foodstuffs, cosmetics and feedstuffs as well as an internationally marketed range of highly pure herbal reference substances are among the company’s strengths.
Originating from the former quality control department of martin bauer gmbh& co. Kg, founded in 1993, phyto-lab gmbh& co. Kg has decades of experience in the field of herbal products. The laboratory has always remained loyal to its vestenbergsgreuth site.
With the newly constructed laboratory extension, phyto-lab in vestenbergsgreuth is taking "the next step in its successful company history of almost 25 years," according to a press release. The building, which was completed after twelve months of construction, increases the laboratory area to 3600 square meters.
The new space will accommodate numerous other analytical instruments. These serve to handle the growing volume of samples, but also the further and new development of analytical methods. Plant analysis is as lively and versatile as plants themselves. New scientific findings on herbal teas and medicinal plants are emerging almost daily, and the legal requirements for herbal medicines and teas, the most important market segments for phyto-lab, are also in constant flux.

Almost 20 trainees in the team

over 200 employees work for the nature network group of companies laboratory at its company headquarters in vestenbergsgreuth. This makes phyto-lab an important employer for the region. Phyto-lab is also a recognized training center for chemical laboratory technicians, and many of the lab’s employees learned their trade here. Every year, phyto-lab provides six to seven apprenticeships for this versatile and qualified profession — making a total of almost 20 apprentices part of the team. The company is also an attractive employer for scientists and pharmacists: more than 50 scientists work at phyto- lab.
In addition to analytics, the laboratory’s mainstay, they are responsible for a wide range of other services: these include the preparation of registration dossiers for herbal medicinal products, expert opinions for evaluating the safety and efficacy of herbal products, and the coordination of complete development projects for customers’ new products, as well as the range of herbal reference substances that phyto-lab now supplies to laboratories, research institutes and public institutions around the world, which comprises more than 1200 substances.

Convivial celebration

all work must be carried out with great precision and documented comprehensively and comprehensibly. This is required by the international quality standards to which phyto-lab is officially recognized and accredited.
To ensure that all relevant laws, standards and scientific information are always up to date, phyto-lab has its own library.
At a cosy celebration on the land of the lake pond in vestenbergsgreuth, cornelia hohne and dr. Hartwig sievers, as a member of the management, the owner family, represented by anne wedel-klein, for the future-oriented investment in the company, and the entire workforce for their hard work, commitment and excellent cooperation, without which the success of the company would have been inconceivable.

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