Mueller report to be made public in mid-april

U.S. Attorney general william barr will make the controversial report by special russia investigator robert mueller available to members of congress and the public by mid april.

"Everyone will be able to read it for themselves," barr wrote in a letter to parliamentarians in washington, from which the "washington post" quoted.

Trump, for whom the report turned out surprisingly mild, showed himself combative. "I have absolutely nothing to hide," he said on friday at his weekend domicile mar-a-lago in florida. He also has full confidence in the attorney general.

The democrats, meanwhile, complained: they had demanded that barr submit the report by no later than 2. April submit. "The deadline still stands," the democratic chairman of the judiciary committee in the house of representatives, jerry nadler, stressed on twitter on friday. He also objected to the fact that barr wanted to keep the report partially black.

It remained unclear, however, how much of the nearly 400-page report would be obscured. Information must be blacked out about persons who have been investigated but against whom no charges are being brought. Sensitive intelligence information must not be made public either.

The report should not go to trump in advance. The president had declared that he did not want to use this right. The attorney general himself, he said, wanted to meet on 1. And 2. May answer questions from parliamentarians in the house of representatives and the senate.

Special investigator mueller’s probe had dominated political life in the u.S. For two years. Among other things, they had investigated the question of whether the election campaign camp of today’s president donald trump could have made common cause with russia. The report concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support such a claim. On the question of whether trump interfered with the judiciary’s investigation by firing former fbi chief james comey, the report did not specify.

Trump, meanwhile, plans to take action on his part against the authors of the allegations. There is even talk of appointing a second special investigator. The president is of the opinion that none of his successors should suffer such injustice as he has suffered.

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