No herbal drugs in forchheim store

No herbal drugs in forchheim store

Open" flickers in illuminated letters over the store door. In the shop window you can see oriental water pipes next to chunky glass flasks. In between, posters are lit up with hemp leaves and the likenesses of reggae heroes such as bob marley. All in all, the place looks like a hippie temple. Blob the herb (weed, marijuana, mary jane), that does not exist. "Forbidden" even the sale of hemp seeds, says the store owner and shakes his head.

The store arrived at the presentation of the "safety report" briefly into the talk. City councilors like lisa hofmann (spd) issued an urgent warning: "the number of children consuming drugs has increased dramatically in forchheim." together with city councilor udo schonfelder (csu), the councilor denounced the fact that there was a store in forchheim’s city center that sold "legal highs-offer products was. For example, "bath additives" can be bought there acquire herbs that can also be smoked, the two city council members claimed.

Herbal drugs are pure poison

the shopkeeper who was approached rejects the suspicion of "herbal drugs" and other "legal-high-products to sell, far from it: "herbal mixtures are pure poison. I don’t sell that kind of stuff", says the store owner. The police have also been to his house. The officers found nothing, he says. The store owner makes no secret of the fact that he considers the absolute prohibition of cannabis products such as marijuana to be counterproductive. Teenagers because of a "joint to treat like criminals he finds impossible. Hemp is not a drug, but a healing herb. You can’t buy weed in the store. He had not even found any seeds of the nightshade plant for "hobby gardeners" in the offer. Most customers are shisha and not hash friends. While a man buys coal and tobacco for his arabic water pipe, the store owner, who prefers to remain anonymous, says: "the police should rather fight the synthetic drugs."

the more synthetic the worse

the head of the police in forchheim, rainer schmeuber, actually warns of the "particularly serious danger of addiction" the synthetic drugs. Even the smallest amounts could lead to addiction under certain circumstances. The health risks are enormous. These designer drugs are particularly diabolical, she says, because the users cannot estimate the dose beforehand. Afterwards it is often too late.

"Something has to happen"

lisa hofmann can sing a sad song about the destructive power of fashion drugs. It’s not unusual for desperate parents to sit in the office of the manager of the arbeiterwohlfahrt forchheim (awo). "Many young people end up in psychiatric care because of their drug use", laments hofmann, who doesn’t do it "just like that" wanted to accept that children and young people in forchheim with a store in the city center are so easily seduced. "The problem is complex. But i think something has to happen", says hofmann. Accordingly, there should be a round table in the city to the addiction problem. The topics of education and prevention were certainly discussed there. Of course, there have always been drugs in forchheim. "But i think it has increased." in the past the youth "only" had smoked a joint to rebel. With today’s synthetic drugs, the danger is "getting caught" incomparably more crude.

Forchheim not a drug nest

this confirms rainer schmeuber of the police: "as a user of synthetic drugs you take a high risk." the stuff was brewed in poison pies. The dose of the "active ingredient dangerously often wavers. Statically speaking, forchheim is not a "drug nest," by the way. On the contrary, says schmeuber. A store with glass pipes and hemp posters can be found in almost every town nowadays.

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