Oberthulba market has bought the rhonhof farmhouse

The market oberthulba has the "rhonhof — property" in oberthulba, the company purchased a brownfield site in the town center that had been vacant for many years, with the aim of revitalizing it and creating new community building plots. "The purchase contract has been signed and we are happy that we were able to purchase the building. The market is now in a position to make good use of the site", said mayor gotthard schlereth (csu/free voters) in the youngest community council meeting, in which one limited oneself to the most important points and had taken place far from each other, in order to minimize the risk of contagion in times of corona.

The property is located in the area of application of the development plan "source" and is designated as a "general residential area" expelled. In the course of the urban land use planning, the water and sewer supply of the complete area "quelle" has to be planned to be calculated and planned.

First, however, the existing buildings will be demolished. For this, a claim for the costs has been made by the office of land development. As is usual at this time, some asbestos was used in plaster and glue, but otherwise no hazardous substances are expected. For the demolition of the building the b& o concept gmbh from hassfurt, which has already drawn up a pollutant report for the old property, has submitted an offer, which is currently being examined by the construction engineering department.

The country is then to be over-planned. The plan is then to build a two-storey structure.

The council had before it an application for a preliminary decision for the construction of a dwelling house on plots of land in schlimpfhof, am wald. The municipal approval was given in prospect. The building application for the new residential building with double garage and carport in thulba also passed the vote unanimously.

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