Olg: franco a. Does not have to go to court over attack plans

In the case of the right-wing extremist soldier franco a. Is there a turnaround. The frankfurt higher regional court stated that there was no sufficient suspicion that the 29-year-old had prepared an act of violence that posed a serious threat to the state.

Instead of being tried before the state protection senate of the court, franco a. Now the trial before the district court of darmstadt made. He is also charged with violations of weapons, arms control and explosives laws, as well as with theft and fraud. The attorney general may appeal the decision.

According to the indictment, the lieutenant, who comes from offenbach, prepared an attack on the then minister of justice and now minister of the interior, heiko maas (spd), the vice president of the bundestag, claudia roth (grune), or a human rights activist out of right-wing extremist sentiments.

According to the indictment, he procured weapons, ammunition and explosive devices — partly from the german armed forces. In addition, he had wanted to draw attention to refugees in his plans — and had therefore registered himself under a false identity as an asylum seeker from syria.

According to the court, however, it is "not overwhelmingly likely" that the soldier was already determined to commit an attack. Franco a. Although the death of a high-ranking politician is seriously considered. He did not carry out the attack, although he did at times possess weapons and explosives, select possible victims and spy on a crime scene.

The high court refers to the federal court of justice, which has set high hurdles for the conviction for the preparation of a serious act of violence endangering the state.

Court does not expect main hearing to lead to new findings. Therefore, there is no sufficient suspicion of a crime that falls under the jurisdiction of the higher regional court, according to the frankfurt judges. With the decision the procedure at the district court darmstadt is open.

Whether the federal prosecutor’s office in karlsruhe will take action against this is still unclear. A spokeswoman said they would look at the decision and decide in the next few days whether to appeal.

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