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To "when the railroad rides on the road" of the 1. August reached the editors the following letter:

I read the report on the steigerwaldbahn with great interest. That is surely a balanced concept and not these many positive and negative reports, posters on the streets and in the newspapers.

The only way to bury something like this is to take the train from schweinfurt to kitzingen, with toilets, bicycle transport and a bistro.

So i can imagine the traffic regulation also for the future environmentally contractual. Tourism on the routes was also winning!

People without a car, and older people in any case, can also get from a to b comfortably, for shopping, strolling, to events that are also accessible in the evening.

In kassel, where we have lived and worked for forty years, such a concept has long been realized. The "streetcars", also called light railcars, travel from the city center with fubgangerzone and geschaftstrabe up to 55 kilometers and more, without changing trains, to the home and vice versa. Why should this environmentally friendly and energy-saving possibility not also be realized here??

45 million euros are being spent on just a few kilometers of the b 286 — is that the future?? Or rather one of the environmentally friendly railroads?

Peter plischke,
97357 prichsenstadt

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