Reichenbach: the rescue of a roebuck

Reichenbach: the rescue of a roebuck

Walkers had spotted it in the evening: a roebuck that had fallen into the watering pond of clemens schmitt's strawberry plantation in reichenbach (lkr. Bad kissingen) had fallen. And who kept slipping on the slippery planes at the edge of the artificial water. It was immediately clear to the walkers that the animal would not be able to get out of the 20-by-30-meter reservoir on its own.

They called the farm owner clemens schmitt. He alerted the fire department and asked christoph hein for advice, who has been a hunter for a few months and has a permit in the local hunting area. And the usual rescue operation for the common animal began.

Telephone call for help

Hein was still out late that evening on business with ludwig friedel from grobwenkheim, also a youth, when he received the call for help by telephone. The two friends didn't think twice, ten minutes later they were standing at the strawberry patch. The fire department was already on the scene, but initially also had no solution for the rescue of the animal — and it was already dammed up.

The firemen had ropes and a ladder with them. "I first tried to throw a lasso over the horn of the roebuck down there in the water reservoir, but it didn't work", tells jungjager hein. He saw only two options: either shoot the animal or try to catch it. "The roebuck was stressed, we wanted to get it out alive."

Lowered into the water

Ludwig friedel didn't take long: he stripped down to his underpants and dove into the water on a ladder that the firefighters had placed in the pool. He tried to get to the doe while hein handed him the rope from above. Finally friedel managed to throw the noose over the animal's head. The two hunters maneuvered it by rope to the edge of the basin, then the firefighters grabbed it from above: with combined strength, the buck was pulled upwards — as gently as possible. "I was worried that he would be injured in the neck", according to hein.

But because the rope had also wrapped itself around the antler and the noose was not only tugging at the neck, the roebuck had escaped with a fright. "A gluck", friedel also says. On safe ground, they first put a bag over the head of the rescued animal to calm it down and keep it still. A "very strong roebuck of a good 25 kilos live weight" that was the case, says hein. A "little flat but after the involuntary bath, the weighty fellow had already been. The animal sat quietly in a nearby hedge for quite a while before disappearing into the darkness.

"You only experience something like this once in your life as a hunter", says friedel. One should not pull there and should help an animal in such a predicament, even if one does not know how at first. "The fire department also did its best during the two-hour rescue operation", praises hein. Without the materials from the firefighters, the hunters had had no chance of lifting the buck."

The reservoir is surrounded by a fence, which on that friday, however, was a revelation. That's why the animal was able to run all the way to the water — and then plopped down in it. "I was surprised to see that the fence was open", says burghausen hunter kurt bieberich, who has been leasing the reichenbach hunting ground for a long time.

Safety fence in place, but not a game fence

"We built the pool 30 years ago, nothing has happened there so far", says fruit farmer claus schmitt, who followed the rescue operation together with his son clemens. The security fence around the reservoir is designed to keep out trespassers. One of the reasons for this was to prevent the reservoir from being used as a bathing pond. But the fence is not a wild fence, says schmitt. That's why they didn't think anything of it when they opened the fence at one point for work on the pool for a long time. "But of course it is now closed again." the roe deer are currently in rut, says hunter christoph hein. The male animals are a little more active and run out of their usual territory. The roebuck must have sniffed the ride of a narrow deer and ran after the female — with known consequences.

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