Rhine valley railroad is not scheduled to open until 7. October will be released

Rhine valley railroad is not scheduled to open until 7. October will be released

The north-south main line of the rhine valley railroad, which is important for passenger and freight traffic, is not expected to be completed until 7. October again.

This was announced by deutsche bahn and the rastatt tunnel working group in karlsruhe. As a result, up to 200 freight trains a day and many long-distance trains still have to be rerouted.

On 12. August, a concrete segment had shifted in the tunnel tubes that run just five meters under the rhine valley railroad tracks. Water and earth penetrated. The tracks descended over it. The railroad stopped the train traffic. It is still unclear how the damage could have occurred.

Now a 150-meter tunnel section is being filled with around 10,000 cubic meters of concrete. Then a 120-meter-long and one-meter-thick concrete slab is to be poured on which new tracks will be laid. The filling of the damaged tunnel tubes is expected to be completed by friday. The 18-million-euro tunnel boring machine is also concreted in the process. The construction of the ground slab alone will then take three weeks. "We are convinced that this schedule will be adhered to," said dirk rompf, railroad board member for major projects.

Up to 200 freight trains normally run on the rhine valley line each day, as well as numerous long-distance and local trains. Buses will be running between rastatt and baden-baden for passenger transport since then. Good traffic jammed after the accident between rotterdam and genoa. The railroad gradually diverted the trains to other routes.

According to rompf, the residents of four houses directly adjacent to the damage site will probably be allowed to return over the weekend, when the tunnel has been filled with concrete. They had to leave the construction site for safety reasons.

For years, the german railroad has been expanding the rhine valley railroad as part of the european high-speed network. Since last year, two almost 4300 meter long tunnels are being drilled under the city of rastatt.

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