Schweinfurt: woman seriously injured in accident

On monday morning, a traffic accident occurred at the intersection of heidenfelderstrabe and hauptstrabe, resulting in serious injuries to a female driver. According to the police, the 54-year-old was flown to a hospital in schweinfurt by a rescue helicopter.

Truck driver overlooks car and collision occurs

against 10.30 o’clock a 58-year-old man was driving his truck on the heidenfelder strabe and wanted to cross the intersection to the hauptstrabe straight ahead. For reasons not yet known, he overlooked the 54-year-old woman in her toyota corolla, who was coming from the direction of unterspiebheim.
In the subsequent violent collision, the car driver suffered serious injuries. After initial treatment by an emergency doctor, she was then flown away by a rescue helicopter.

According to the police, the totally damaged corolla had to be recovered by a towing company. The total damage is set to 13.500 euro estimated.
The person who caused the accident is now being investigated for negligent bodily injury in a traffic accident.

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