Second attempt: harald kopp wants to become mayor of the city of hamburg

second attempt: harald kopp wants to become mayor of the city of hamburg

Harald kopp wants to do it again: after the 61-year-old self-employed businessman was only narrowly beaten by incumbent erich hegwein in the 2014 municipal elections, he is running again as a candidate for mayor in march 2020. At the nomination meeting of the local association of the spd marktbreit he was unanimously confirmed as mayoral candidate.

The 2014 election, as local association chairman werner hund noted, "was very successful for us. Not only did kopp lose to the incumbent by a mere 37 votes, but the spd faction in the city council "grew from three to five, and we have since become the strongest faction in the council, so dog. For the elections in march, the spd can not only offer a candidate for mayor, but also a complete list of 16 candidates for the city council. Among them many new faces, but also continuity, since all incumbent city councilors are running again. "It looks damn good for us, we have the prerequisites to be successful", said dog.

Improve information policy of the city hall

"With experience for our city into the future", this is the motto of harald kopp, who presented himself and the party’s election program in his introductory speech. For decades he has run a specialist shop for interior furnishings in the middle of marktbreit’s old town and has also been active for a long time as a trainer and treasurer in the gymnastics club.

As a city councillor for almost twelve years, and therefore also a member of various committees, he has "the appropriate insight into the workings of the city administration". The group has been able to implement many proposals in recent years, but not everything, since a majority is always needed in a democracy. What he would like to improve in the future, however, is the information policy of the city hall with better notification of the burghers, for example about tree removals.

Double municipal demand program

Kopp wants to focus on the development of the city center, for example by doubling the municipal demand program. With a municipal housing cooperative, the attractiveness of the city center is to be additionally challenged. This also includes the revision of the design statutes with more freedom, the expansion of the access road to the ohrenberg and a reduction in the property tax rate.

"We want to and must continue to challenge our schools in marktbreit so that we are not left behind in terms of digital equipment", said kopp, who, in addition to the associations, also wants to continue supporting children’s and youth work. The art festival artbreit, the music school, the museum, the city partnerships or the wine festival are also not lost sight of. Further focal points of the future work as mayor and also for the parliamentary group are a mobility service, especially for elderly citizens, in the form of a "burger cab".

Making the work of the city council more transparent

A digital citizen information system should make the work of the city council more transparent. So decisions could be made there in a timely manner. Ordinances and minutes of meetings and more to be published on the city’s website.

All this should not be called "team harald kopp" but as "one team to be tackled together. "Not even as a team in 2020, but at least as a team in 2026, and even beyond that if you like, according to mayoral candidate harald kopp.

Spd list for the city council electionthe list of candidates the spd for the city council election in marktbreit is led by harald kopp. Christiane berneth, heinz galuschka, christine muller, sebastian morchen, maria luise thein, andy malert, julia ogulo-kiamil, kurt pregitzer, sigrid plutz, werner hund, gabriele goller, gennaro fasel, dirk renzing, julian beigel, peter berneth and michael beigel as a follow-up.

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