Second substation to come?

Oberhaid — "enthusiasm looks different", claus reinhardt (spd), a member of the oberhaid town council, summed up the council's mood when the representatives of bayernwerk ag, wolfgang weis and christian ziegler, presented the plans for the construction of a new substation in the area of the unterhaid switchyard.
They informed that bayernwerk ag is currently planning the construction of a new substation on the 110 kv overhead line in the area of the existing 20 kv substation between unterhaid and oberhaid. This new building will be necessary in order to be able to guarantee the strongly increasing feeds from renewable energies into the low and medium voltage networks in the future, said the experts in the meeting.
The substation is therefore intended to increase the backfeed capacity from the 20-kv grid level to the 110-kv grid level and at the same time stabilize the voltage level, so that on the one hand the energy from the region can be safely transported and on the other hand the supply to the customers can be ensured. The commissioning is planned for 2016 at the earliest, initially for one transformer, they said.

Land purchase still pending
the bayernwerk ag site 100 meters north of the existing substation was not suitable; the new substation was to be built in the immediate vicinity of the 110 kv overhead line on a 6,000 to 7,000 square meter site that still had to be acquired. The new substation had a footprint of 200 square meters and a height of six meters and would be dug in accordingly and compensatory areas created.
The mayor carsten joneitis (spd) saw in the mabnahme an impairment of the landscape. Claus reinhardt fears electrosmog and would rather see a bundling with the neighboring t-net.
Two switching stations were not acceptable for oberhaid, even if — as wolfgang weis from bayernwerk had pointed out — a connection point with t-net was not technically possible.

"Legally enforceable"
otmar schels (csu) criticized that while the region would benefit, oberhaid would only suffer disadvantages. It remains to be seen to what extent the concerns of the oberhaid community council will be realized. In response to a question, weis confirmed that if all legal requirements were fulfilled, the acceptance would be legally enforceable in any case. 

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