Stadtsteinach celebrates three days long

Stadtsteinach celebrates three days long

First up were the free voters, on the big festival weekend in stadtsteinach: the member of the state parliament hubert aiwanger was buried with applause. He also took care of the "dog bone about which the people of kulmbach and wunsiedl got excited together. This is a "csu thing, he said. "Maybe when we are in government we will be able to save something." district administrator klaus peter sollner underlined: "it is important to bind the strength for the rural area."

Of course, the free voters had not only politics in store, but also amusement. They had the legendary "the silhouettes" invited. And within a few minutes, the dance floor in front of the band was full.
This year the french table dared a novelty on the second festive day: a fischla-race in the zaubach river. "Which fischla did you like"?, asked burgermeister roland wolfrum and the chairman of the french table, reinald kolb. Mayor roland wolfrum had specially dammed the zaubach so that the fish could get a ride — and opened the sluices on command. The winner was ramona espig (27), who had actually only taken part for fun, ahead of dominik lindner (5) and valerie wolfrum (7).

The black slip flashed

in the evening, goletz and goletz provided typical french music. Of course, there was a lot of jibber-jabber and also a lot of side-swipes at the southern bavarians. But once again it was "lady gaga" alias hermanita espig, who rocked the hall with her performance in red leather. Even the black slip flashed — and almost took the mind away from some of the blessed ones.

Yesterday, the brewery festival with the anniversary celebration of the 140-year existence of the brewery schubel went into high gear: the marquee was already full by noon. The schubel family had rummaged through old photo boxes and documented the brewery’s history in the bauernmarktscheune as a picture exhibition.

"Well hopped and limited

junior brewer mario munch officially tapped his jubilee beer and was pleased about the many positive reactions. "This is a real jubilee beer, well hopped", explained jurgen munch and emphasized that the beer is strictly limited.

Andrea schubel-munch used the anniversary to say thank you to the family. "Jurgen, i hit the jackpot with you 26 years ago", she made the most beautiful compliment to her husband under rough applause. Numerous speakers praised the schubel brewery’s commitment to its home region.

The carnival society offered a funny children’s program. In the evening, the festival ended with cj& the sunshine gang from.

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