The atlantis in herzogenaurach is getting a third slide

The slide tower at the atlantis leisure pool will change its appearance and be extended by a "rocket launch slide" for daring and adventurous bathers extended. As mayor german hacker (spd) explained in the meeting of the building committee on wednesday evening, the slide tower must be completely renovated.
Thus, the school is broken and the windows have become almost blind. The installation of a third slide had been planned from the very beginning. Both are now happening in one go. The tower will be renovated to add a "floor" and a new turbo slide with rocket launch will be installed in addition.
Construction will start after the summer vacations and at least the tower and the two existing slides should be back in operation by the fall vacations. The new turbo slide will then go into operation a few weeks later, at the end of november 2016 at the latest. The costs for the renovation and extension of the tower as well as the construction of the slide amount to a total of about 770000 euros.
Originally, it was planned to deal with the application of herzo bader- und verkehrs gmbh in the approval exemption procedure and no resolution would have been necessary for this purpose. Before the committee meeting, the mayor liked to change the agenda with a motion on the order of business.
The slides at the leisure pool are part of the special construction of the atlantis, so the requested exemption procedure was not possible and the approval of the building committee was required, which was given without discussion and without a vote against.

Joining the majority

before the meeting, spd city councillor siegbert sendner had still voiced quiet criticism of the construction of the slide. "We’ll build a slide and another slide and another slide, the money could have been used for a diving pool", sendner said in the interview. However, he had not been able to get his way in the supervisory board meeting of herzo bader- und verkehrs gmbh.
In the opinion of the spd city councilor, children and young people would rather jump, which they do from time to time behind the backs of the pool attendants. In the open-air swimming pool, for example, he has observed children and young people queuing up at the diving tower to dare to jump into the depths. "But i will go along with the majority and agree, my rejection did not make any difference", said sendner.

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