The bishop’s sermon as a starry hour

The bishop's sermon as a starry hour

The sky was starry on saturday evening when herrether and guests gathered around jakobus church and the community center. Shortly before, they had listened to the sermon of dorothea greiner, since it is a tradition at the herrether kirchweih that the pastoral couple hagen invites a surprise preacher to the evening service.
This year it was the regional bishop, and until immediately before the celebration this remained a well-kept secret. Dorothea greiner made an impressive appeal based on the children’s song "weibt du, wie viel sternlein stehen?", to be addressed by god, to address others, and thus to be a trend changer and trendsetter.
Together with organist tanja edner, the trombone choir of herreth/bad staffelstein under the direction of klaus schneider arranged the celebration. Of course the song mentioned was also on their sheet music. Probably everyone knows the folk song melody. In 1837, wilhelm hey also wrote the third stanza: "weibt du, wie viel kinder fruhe / stehn aus ihrem bettlein auf / dass sie ohne sorg und muhe / frohlich sind im tageslauf"? / god in heaven is pleased with everyone / knows you too and loves you / knows you too and loves you."
"A kirchweih belongs in the church", emphasized pastor matthias hagen at the outset. Regional bishop greiner took up this idea, even though the text of the church consecration (jes. 66) speaks of a god whose throne is heaven, but the earth is the base for the tube.
"What kind of house is this that you have been able to build for me??", quoted dorothea greiner. This is "water on the mills of those who prefer to go to the forest to experience god rather than to church".
In discussions with representatives of "forest and meadow theology they often reply: "well then, let the forster bury you."
it’s not about destroying the other party, but about continuing thoughts in the dispute and inviting them into the church.
Through jesus christ, we knew that god was always there — especially in emergency situations and crises. With the example of the gospel (lk 19,1-10 — jesus at the sundown zachaus), the regional bishop explained that through jesus, god wants to enter into the private home, into the heart of everyone: it is about "people being addressed by jesus christ"." the traces of love others the whole life.
Especially in the children’s song "weibt du wie viel sternlein stehen" ("how many little stars are there?") on the one hand, the victim’s coarseness is revealed, on the other hand, his love: "god is here when people need him." he was the very highest, who wanted to be very close to those who needed him and let him speak to them.
God’s greatness shows itself because he knows and loves everyone. It is said in the holy scripture — in the church, not in the forest. "He who has known jesus christ can also experience him in the forest."
the message of the regional bishop clearly shone through: to be addressed by god and to address others with it, and thus to be a trend changer and trendsetter: especially in reading aloud and singing with children.
Dorothea greiner had brought a gift for each of the many people who attended the service: in each of the burlap bags there was a children’s song cd and the picture book of the same name "weibt du wie viel sternlein stehen?" hidden — so that being a trend-setter and trend-turner is not difficult.

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