The final whistle for gerd hartung’s career

Gerd hartung was a referee for half a century, and a referee observer for 33 years. Now the 77-year-old from fc 06 bad kissingen is officially calling it quits. He will not completely renounce his passion.

"It’s just old age; i’m in good health", the man from bad kissingen names the only reason for his withdrawal. In 1966 hartung had taken his referee exam at the group bad kissingen. A short time later, according to a press release, he began his career as a functionary — first as an instructor and deputy chairman of his group, later as a district youth leader and district game leader of the former greater schweinfurt district.

At the same time, gerd hartung was an active referee in the regional league for twelve years. After several seasons as a referee observer at the association level, he returned to his district and was active there for 33 years as a member of the observing staff.

At the performance training course of the lower franconian district referee committee on 7. And 8. July in bad kissingen the circle was closed. Chairman (bso) norbert krockel honored hartung’s outstanding achievements. Until the end, the 77-year-old had contributed with great commitment and passed on his wealth of experience to younger referees.

Together with hartung, ernst adrio, another deserving referee observer, was honored and bid farewell. He lives in hammelburg, but was mostly active in the main-spessart area.

"I did not miss the whole time. It was successful and simple already", says gerd hartung on request. For many years he had been whistling in the national league. And there have been many a referee’s candy. For example, when bundesliga clubs came to the region for training camps. The 77-year-old still remembers the bayer leverkusen and stuttgarter kickers games he was allowed to referee.

The referee observation, says hartung, was "not an easy story" had been. You give out grades. For that one must have character and also a certain backbone. "Young people are sensitive. It has always been like this." that there are now more assaults by players or club officials on referees — as sometimes reported — cannot be confirmed by hartung.

But over the years, he has also earned a certain reputation as a referee. "When i performed in the district, it was usually quiet. The players had tremendous respect for me." his direct but matter-of-fact manner had distinguished him when talking to pruflingen.

Gerd hartung is not currently worried about the next generation of referees. "There are a lot of young and well qualified referees nowadays." there have been much more critical times in his career.

Although he is now retiring: hartung does not rule out going out to a game with young referees. In a long career, he has found that this support benefits his young colleagues immensely and gives them a lot of self-confidence.

And the referee will continue to attend games, simply as a spectator. Even though it won’t be as regular as it was in his life as an umpire.

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