The forests in the erlangen-hochstadt district are fire-prone

When forester gerhard hofmann walks through the forest near frimmersdorf, it cracks under his shoes. Dry earth dusts the air, leaves rustle. It has been far too dry for far too long now.

The devastating forest fires in greece and sweden haunt the minds of forest and garden owners. The fear of it is coarse.

Hofmann did not want to spread panic yet. The pine forests are often problematic when there is a risk of forest fires. A large part of the local forests are made up of these trees. The disadvantage is that pine trees require a lot of light.

Between the monocultures there are often no other trees, the trunks of the pines are lined up like coarse matchsticks. Because of the ethereal oils, the needles are also more flammable. "Pines and spruces are much more dangerous to fire than deciduous forests", says the forester.

Mixed forest is more dangerous

therefore hofmann advised the forest owners in his area to establish mixed forests. This keeps it cooler in the forest, the soil stays wetter. In fact, where coarse beech or oak grows among the pines, the air is cooler, the moss has even more color. The state provides subsidies to promote individual tree species.

In addition to the mixed forests, another factor can help prevent forest fires from spreading: well-developed forest paths. "In our country, the paths in the forest are well developed", says hofmann. This is how emergency crews make faster progress. However, there are still ways that can be developed. "It has been shown that the lack of forest roads is an obstacle in such disasters.", says hofmann.

9300 hectares of forest are located in the district of erlangen-hochstadt. "Forest fire is always an issue for us", says thomas speth, managing director of the erlangen-hochstadt forest owners’ association. Smoking is therefore prohibited in the forest between march and october. "Most people are already very understanding", says speth.

Do not throw cigarettes out of the car

cigarettes thrown out of the window while driving are a bigger problem, he said. In hot weather, cars should not be driven across meadows, field paths or harvested fields. The vehicles can quickly ignite dry grasses.

Aerial observations should help detect forest fires sooner. For this weekend, the preventive air observation was ordered for all of central franconia, reports karin christ, press spokeswoman for the government of central franconia.

"The forest fire danger index shows, for example, a high, in some areas very high forest fire danger for large parts of central franconia — including the district of erlangen-hochstadt," says hofmann, reports christ. The flights take place in the afternoon hours, when the forest fire danger is at its highest due to heat and leisure activities of the population.

The fire departments in the district are also on alert because of the danger of forest fires. For coarser units, the coarse tanker trucks are in place. In villages with smaller fire departments, farmers sometimes fill their barrels with water to help in an emergency, reports district fire inspector stefan brunner.

Just a few weeks ago, a combine harvester caught fire near munchaurach, says brunner. It should go without saying that you shouldn’t smoke or light campfires in the forest.
Gardeners should also be vigilant at home: "make sure that no sparks fly after barbecuing", says the county fire inspector. To be on the safe side, simply extinguish the grill with water after it has cooled down.

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