The heilgersdorf village youth invites to the oven festival

On saturday, 4. August, the dorfjugend heilgersdorf organizes again its traditional bake oven festival. The proceeds will be used for the new village lime tree, which will be blessed during the festival. From 2 p.M. On, the stamm-bakers gunther bock, jens hartmann and michael langguth will first take trays of cakes prepared by the villagers out of the village oven’s tube. From late afternoon fresh onion tart, belly, liver cheese and pizza will follow. Various cold dishes, such as sandwiches with fresh oven bread, are offered all day, as well as the home-brewed marzen beer of the brewery scharpf. All food is organized by lena kolenda and eva lotte braunreuther.
Since the proceeds of the oven festival will be used for the benefit of the village community, as every year, the organizers hope for a large number of visitors and the best possible weather for the festival. Due to the rough success of the 30. Jubilaums in the last year the village youth could send a contribution in height of 2500 euro to the village store heilgersdorf. "Thus the local supply is to remain ensured particularly for our older fellow citizens, but naturally still for the new generation of the village youth", explains jens hartmann.
In spring 2018, the village youth also participated in the replacement planting for the old village lime tree. Hartmann: "this was necessary because the existing lime tree was so damaged, presumably as a result of long backlogged canal construction work, that it could no longer recover." after the village youth cut down the tree next to the bakery at the end of march, they found a time capsule of the donor mihael federer, a refugee from india (in former yugoslavia). This was announced by the plant date on 10. January 1949.
On 17. April 2018 a 2000 euro large-leaved lime tree was planted in cooperation with the gardening company bach. Half of the costs were covered by the families of franz, hubert and gerhard hardi, the grandchildren of the donor of 1949, mihael federer. The gartnerei bach contributed 300 euro, the city of seblach contributed another 700 euro. "To all the supporters the village youth once again expresses its gratitude", stresses hartmann.
The remaining costs of about 1000 euro were raised by the village youth from the proceeds of this year’s oven festival. On the occasion the new lime tree is blessed by pastor tobias knotig. Under it there is a new time capsule, which contains next to a group picture of the village youth a reference to the donors. Bek

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