Theodor hufner turns 80 today

Theodor hufner turns 80 today

By our employee gunther straub

thulba — today, new year’s eve, wednesday, 31. December, celebrates "hufners theo, as he is called in the village, his 80th birthday. Birthday. Theodor hufner grew up in thulba, attended elementary school here, and learned the trade of blacksmith from his father josef hufner from 1949 to 1952. But the 50’s were not easy even in the prehistoric times. After his apprenticeship he went to frankfurt to work. He worked here for some time as a fitter in a brickworks before moving to an insulating company in frankfurt. During this time he also met his wife christiane. Actually he wanted to go home to prepare the wedding, when he got the message that his father died in an accident. It was 1957 when he had to take over his parents’ village blacksmith shop at short notice. For this he first got a special permit. He subsequently passed the forge master’s examination, followed in 1961 by the master’s examination as an insulator. His wife remembers: "at the time, i said to him, ‘how are you going to manage, we don’t have anything?. But he was always ambitious, but also curious and wanted to know everything, that’s why he managed to do so. I myself was allowed to take over the bookkeeping." due to his professional knowledge, theo hufner was also a member of the board of directors of the "unterfrankische isolierer" for several years. Soon it became too crowded in the property in the obererthaler strabe. The company was located in the street "behind the wall" a spacious place for a new company.
The hufners have four children. Son alexander took over the business in 1995. From that time on, theodor hufner saw himself as a helping hand in the company. The business, which had about 20 employees at the time, expanded far beyond germany’s borders. The senior boss is pleased to say that his expertise is in great demand today. Numerous thulba residents have been trained in the company or. Apprentices, some of whom are still employed in the company today.

Connected to the local community

for theodor hufner it was always a matter of course to support the local community. He was a founding member and active protector in the re-establishment of the "schutzenverein". Fc frankonia thulba could always count on him as well. He was a goalkeeper there and repeatedly celebrated championships with the team. In his time in frankfurt he plays in the amateur league of the hessian team arfurt. In thulba itself, after a few years on the fc board from 1964 to 1973, he was 1.Chairman. During this time, he was responsible for the preliminary planning of new sports facilities in the town. From 1972 to 1978, the time of the decision for the incorporation to oberthulba, he was a member of the last council of the still independent municipality of thulba.
He was also elected to the local council from 1984 to 1990. Hufner was also involved in the local associations, he is a member of the music association and also of the gardening association, was on the board of the raiffeisenbank thulba and later oberthulba as well as after the merger in hammelburg active. "All in all, when i look back, i was satisfied with the eight decades", says the jubilarian. The 80. Birthday to be celebrated. In addition to his children, there will also be his seven grandchildren.

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