Top parking level at leo closed

The parking garage at the leopoldina hospital is dilapidated, no question about it. So dilapidated that demolition and new construction were already recommended by the building committee a year ago. The regular static reports have now shown that further safety measures are necessary on the building. The top parking level will now be closed and additional safety grommets and underpasses will be installed.

A year for demolition and new construction

at the same time, the building administration under building consultant ralf brettin is working on a long-term solution for the parking situation around the hospital. The fact that parking pressure is high and residents are annoyed because either hospital employees or visitors stand in the streets around the hospital and the people who live there often have to spend a long time looking for a parking space, says brettin: "the dissatisfaction is understandable." that’s why the city wants to relieve the burden, but it will take time. Three to four years, brettin reckons, then everything could be ready, especially the new parking garage right next to the leopoldina hospital.
The city wants to avoid even more serious problems around the most important hospital in northeastern lower franconia when the existing decades-old parking garage is torn down and rebuilt — with a time frame of a good year — and has therefore also taken a look at the site at the intersection of mainbergerstrabe and hennebergstrabe. At the moment there is a parking lot for 220 vehicles on the right hand side of the street. On this land, the district of lower franconia could envisage the construction of a new building for the two schweinfurt psychiatric facilities instituts-ambulanz (in the iduna high-rise) and tagesklinik (on dittelbrunner strabe, both rented). This had already been communicated to the building committee in may of last year.
Whether an underground car park will be built in this area is an open question. Other options in the intersection area are also being discussed, but they have to be presented to the city council first. In any case, the city plans to first build new parking spaces in the mainberger strabe area — probably a good 400 — and then demolish and rebuild the leopoldina parking garage. The question of costs is still open for brettin, this must be planned carefully, especially with the parking garage at the leopoldina, something must be done in terms of noise protection because of the residents." in the study of the "society for innovative traffic technologies" (berlin) three years ago, when it was determined that the leo parking garage was no longer suitable for redevelopment and a new building was recommended, the talk was of 15 million euros. The current parking garage has 344 parking spaces. According to the current study prepared by architekturburo philipp (schonungen), the new parking garage is to have around 500 parking spaces.

Two entrances are planned

the ideas for the leo parking garage presented last year show a structure that, at six decks, is taller than the current one, but that is unproblematic because of the hospital’s grossness. Due to the topography, the lower three floors could be accessed via an auger across the courtyard of the future emergency room, while the upper three floors could be reached via a ramp from hennebergstrabe, more or less as they are at the moment. Ralf brettin would like to present the various approaches to solving the parking problem around the leopoldina hospital to the city council at the latest during the budget discussions in november. In case of a green light from the council, concrete planning and tendering will start next year. Oliver schikora

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