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U.s. Calls on russia to extradite snowden without delay

u.s. calls on russia to extradite snowden without delay

After the remarks of the russian president vladimir putin on the stay of edward snowden in moscow, the u.S. Government has ordered the immediate extradition of the so-called "whistleblower" demanded. The informant wanted worldwide by the u.S., who has made headlines in recent weeks with revelations about the surveillance practices of british and american intelligence services, is staying in the transit area of moscow’s sheremetyevo airport, according to putin.

"Although we do not have an extradition treaty with russia, there is nevertheless a clear legal basis, mr. To extradite snowden", the spokeswoman of the national security council in washington, caitlin hayden, declared on tuesday. She referred to the accusations against snowden and the "status of his travel documents". The usa had declared the 30-year-old’s passport invalid.
Hayden said the u.S. Government agrees with putin that this problem should not strain bilateral relations between the two countries. The u.S. And russia had to rely on their "strong law enforcement cooperation build.

Putin, on a visit to finland on tuesday, had ended the guessing game about the remaining of the ex-intelligence officer who fled from hong kong to the russian capital on sunday. "Mr. Snowden is actually in moscow. For us it was a real surprise", he said. Where the us-burger wants to travel to remained unclear for the time being.

Putin stressed snowden would not face extradition. Since there is no extradition treaty between the usa and russia, the corresponding demand is unfounded. "Snowden is a free man who can determine the destination of his journey", putin stressed while rejecting accusations that russia helped a traitor of state secrets escape. "Any accusations to the address russia are nonsense and stupid stuff", said the head of the kremlin.

"I hope that the case will not affect relations between russia and the u.S.," he said, putin continued. "The sooner snowden chooses his destination, the better for him and for russia." russian intelligence services had not cooperated with snowden, kremlin chief stressed. The russian ex-intelligence chief did not comment on snowden’s plans.

The venezuelan government has not received any application for asylum from snowden, as president nicolas maduro said on tuesday during a visit to haiti’s capital, port-au-prince. Russian media had previously speculated about such a proposal. If snowden officially requests asylum from his government, it will call for it, maduro added. Snowden has already asked for asylum in ecuador, according to the government in quito.

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