Wm film: small role for staatz

Wm film: small role for staatz

Bamberg — in may, christian staatz (35) won the championship in the fubball-kreisklasse 2 erlangen/pegnitzgrund prematurely as player-coach with the sv moggast. More exciting was his subsequent title win. As product manager at adidas, the dfb’s outfitter in herzogenaurach, he accompanied the national team from the first training camp in austria to the final victory in the maracana stadium in rio de janeiro and the celebration at the brandenburg gate. Almost half a year later, the film about the world cup, initiated by the dfb, will be shown on television (friday, 2. January, 20.15 o’clock, ard). Staatz, who was born in lichtenfels, studied in bamberg and once played for fc schweinfurt 05 and fc sand, also makes a brief appearance in the film. We talked to him.

Mr. Staatz, can you be seen in the film ‘die mannschaft’??
Christian staatz: yes. More i would not like to betray at this point yet.

Were the players aware that they were constantly being filmed??
The team was of course aware that they were being followed by the camera. During such an intense time as a fubball world championship, however, this is completely ignored. That is why many moments and scenes are so incomparably authentic. I had goose bumps at the premiere.

When did you first think: ‘we will be world champions’?
When we won 1-0 against france, i thought for the first time in the stadium that we could make it.

If they had the cup in their hands?
Yes, i was lucky enough to hold the world cup in my hand. It was a mix of exuberant joy, liberation and glory — an unforgettable moment. For a passionate football player, the world cup trophy is the most important thing, even if i did not win it as a football player.

How did you and the team spend the hours after the final victory??
After the final victory i contacted family and friends at home. We joined our colleagues in the stadium before celebrating the world cup title in the hotel later on. I will always remember this evening in rio.

The questions asked
daniel ruppert.

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